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Joh 16:26 “At that day ye shall ask in My name: and I do not say to you, that I will pray the Father for you.”

There was a time when the people would ask Jesus to ask the Father on their behalf. Being used to the old Jewish culture where a priest would present people’s needs and sins before God, the disciples thought that they would continually be presnting their requests to Jesus to present to the Father.

Jesus Christ Black
Jesus Christ

However in the above scripture, Jesus tells them that He will no longer be presenting our needs but rather He has given us an access to the Father using His name. His name is the authority.

When you use the Name, you have taken the authority. Jesus gave us the authority to approach the throne of God without fear. Before He died the presence of God was found in the holy of holies and was separated by the curtain. Only priests would access the holy of holies.

All other people were supposed to present their needs to the priest so that he can in turn present them to God in the holy of holies.

When Jesus was dying, the curtain in the temple was torn from top to bottom. This was the curtain that was hindering the common people from the holy place where God was found. The Holy of Holies was now open to everybody. Everybody not only priests had now an access to God. Halleluiah!

Since that time till now, we have an access to the Father in the authority of the name of Jesus. We therefore need to go to the Father boldly with our prayers. Heb 4:16 “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.“ We come as children of God and not as beggers. Children fellowship with their dad, beggers beg because they are strangers. Dont turn yourself into a begger and think that is being humble. God cannot be amused to see his children becoming beggers.

Your focus in prayer is to fellowship with God, and then you can ask the Father what you desire in the name of Jesus. We dont pray to Jesus, we dont pray through Jesus. We ask the Father in the name of Jesus. That is using the authority of Jesus. We stand in Jesus authority. The Father sees us in Jesus and Jesus in us. Joh 14:20 “In that day you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you”. When you do that you get same results as what Jesus would have got when He prayed. The Father is ready to fellowship with you. Are you ready for the fellowship in the name of Jesus?
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  1. Zogwetsa mphwayi okhala m’busa simukudziabe kuti Yesu alibe nkhope.Tele nkhope zomwe zionekazi ni za amasewero.Hmmmmm koma Ambuye atithanize

  2. So untill today some christians dont know that there is no picture of Jesus , they end up praying to an actor from america called Deacon

  3. Am saying so because,in other parts of Angola,they created something in the shape of a man and they adorned it.while inside it they put their magic,and they gave it a name as to be jesus.and they are imposing people to go there ask it in the name of jesus.brothers and sisters this is not the time to just follow what others say without doing a reseach.

  4. Don’t hasten to amen before you understand what they mean you to say amen for.

  5. Ask He who created jesus’s mother and ask nobody besides him.

  6. Let’s ask almighty God the one and only,who wonderfully and miraculously created Jesus (may peace and salutations of God be upon him and to his mother Mary)dont ask any creature as for him need no helper….

  7. Ask God in His Name were all the pious people doing and all the prophets taught their people the same. .Abraham, Ismael,Issac, Moses, Jesus and was the way of all the prophets. Asking God through His Names. Call Him Allah, God,Mulungu or Yehova..He is one. .I mean the creator. Ask Him direct. .He is the one who created you and everyone and everything. He will surely respond to your requests. Thank you.

    1. Francis Kanduwa Abraham, Moses, Ishmael and all the prophets reached to God through who? Akamati njira it means chiphunzitso chake..komanso Kwa anthu a munthawi yake..prophet aliyense anali in titled ku anthu ake amunthawi imeneyo.not amunthawi ya atumiki ena no..only for the last prophet Muhammad whose teachings goes to entire universe. .and to all mankind. .including you. .this generation is for Muhammad not Moses not Abraham not Jesus even. And him is the last of all the prophets. .no true prophet will come. . Put that fact in your mind akulu.

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