Classick crowned king of Malawi hip-hop


…as Tay Grin finishes last in MTV Base poll

Blantyre based rapper Classick got voted as the best hip-hop artist of the year 2015 in a social media poll conducted by MTV Base South Africa earlier this week.

The poll which required voters to answer the question, “who owned Malawi in 2015?” attracted a total of 292 votes. Classick went ahead of three other local hip-hop heavy weights, Tay Grin, Fredokiss, and Gwamba to claim the crown.

Classick; Call him the king.

The Homegrown African affiliate won 51 percent of the votes, leaving the remaining 49 percent for the other artists to fight over. Gwamba came second having claimed 34 percent of the votes while a single vote separated Fredokiss and Tay Grin, who got 8 percent and 7 percent respectively.

In his reaction after the victory, King Zulu, as Classic is popularly known, promised great things this year.

Classick is considered as one of the greatest lyricist of this generation. He is well known for his creativity in incorporating urban touch with a local traditional flavour. Although he is yet to cross borders, Malawians feels Classick has potential to become the country’s flag carrier on the international scene.

Classick together with Hayze Engolah are the rappers behind Homegrown African, a group which has managed to release blockbuster hits including Radio, Bola Kunthanzi, and This is Africa (TIA).



  1. classick and hayze engola r too creative in their raps…bt one thng,, a gud rapper shud b able tu spit in hz anyway ur gud guys,ur takin Malawian rap tu anodah levo!

  2. Say whaaat? King? Well only for commercial fake hip hop, not real inderground shit where only dope Mcees like Third Eye, D 1, Genni Black, Kananji, Sage Poet really count!

    1. till when are you gonna stick to those retards? its time 4 some new school shit not underground manyi bra

  3. aha now ur talking he hv never sy h z the king bt look now he z enanu mumangolmbanana kut ma king ndnu the other problem z mumat ndnu mfumu ya angoni pamene muma vala gule wa achewa wat am tryng to sy is gwamba deredevils matse k2b jst to mention afew sama imba hiphop bt urban music while classic ,vyceloy,street fame jst to mention afew are real dng it period

  4. To all those who are criticising this ‘hip hop guy’ of how he doesnt deserve it because of various/different reasons here is the thing: you take the speck out of your eye then sit on that judgement seat. You cant even write in proper English for others to get your point. Congratulations Classick whoever you are

  5. Yah. This z wht i hv been waitn 4. Classic AkA Zulu.. Ana aku high xull azioneka. Rapping in real english ,ndizonveka to go international [abroad]. si za zizewa zokhazokha nkumaembekezera kukhala king. Remember ths z MTV BASE.. Team #role model. Big up classic, halla @ hayze. Home grown 4 real

  6. I mostly wonder why people put this name of # GWAMBA on Hip-Hop list? I see long distance with what he does to me he’s a POET…with he’s zimanje-manje( U call it music) he can’t stand on international level leave this things to people like Third Eye, Tay Green and Dominant one. its only these three guys here does hip-hop. the only problem is that only few of us knows what all hip hop is. pachirichonse MALAWI ndi mbuli

  7. ndiza athu ozisata iz ngati simamu iwa CLASSIC ndekuti simuzi sata

  8. After I read this article, I downloaded some of his music, eish guys; he is superb or funyeta sangamake

  9. He deserve it,amene smunavereko nyimbo zake,go pa google and search This Is Africa(T.I.A) or can you hear by Home Grown African,zochepa chabe,only 2…muchonga!

  10. Classick…..L have none to compare with him……this guy creates…..

  11. big up. osafowoka osatopa Levo!!!!!!!!! dat

  12. Nde uti uti ameeeyoooo, ine nde ndamudziwila pompa simdamuveko ataaaa

  13. He deserve it this guy is very humble and always know what he is doing

  14. @MALAWI 24 i think u dont get the whole idea of da poll..PPO WHERE ASKED TO VOTE FOR THA HOTTEST ACT OF 2015 IN MALAWI SO ITS MORE OF A POPULARITY CONTEST..MIND YOU THE RESULTS THE VOTES WHERE GENERATED ON TWITTER ONLY (HOW MANY MALAWIANS R ON TWITTER),,,i find ur article a bit misleadin when u call him “king”

    1. Ndee mmafuna avotere amphawi opanda kanthuwo , oti pa Twitter sapadziwa , why can’t you recognize real ?…dude is great , kapena nyimbo zake mulibe ?…mmafuna achikale kale awine ndiiowo ?..he’s a new kid on the block right ?

    1. Tell these nigers men they know nothing of these things…kkk they can put gwamba on the list,Sindiye kupweketsa kumeneko UZOBA 2much pa malawi kkkkkkk

    1. da ting z dat h’as won wit dat song TIA coz the concept is all about africa as a continent…pomwe enawa ndi beef basi…..dis guy is gud

  15. Yeah yeah finally the real star gets recognized congrats niggar

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