Congoma prods govt on ATI bill

Simekinala Kaluzi

Council for Non-governmental Organizations in Malawi (Congoma) has expressed worry over the slow pace government is taking in enacting the Access to Information (ATI) bill.

Programmes officer for Congoma Simekinala Kaluzi said the passing of the ATI bill is important as it will hold duty bearers accountable.

Simekinala Kaluzi
Kaluzi: ATI is very important.

”ATI bill is very important as it helps citizens to ask for transparency and accountability from their leaders,” said Kaluzi.

He further said that at the moment Malawians are being denied their right to access information of national importance.

In the previous session of Parliament, the bill was not tabled after government said it had some irregularities that needed to be scrutinised.

The decision led to battles between government and civil society organisations as most Malawians especially media practitioners had been anticipating for the enactment of the bill.

However, government promised that the bill will be tabled in the next sitting of Parliament.