Joyce Banda’s powers put to test

Uladi Mussa
Uladi Mussa
Mussa: His appointments has come under fire.

A faction that has emerged within Malawi’s ex ruling, Peoples Party (PP) has sought a court injunction restraining, Uladi Mussa and Kamlepo Kalua from picking up their new posts as President and third vice president of the party, something which critics say undermines the power of the party’s founder, Joyce Banda who made the appointments.

Banda appointed the two weeks ago.

But this did not go well with some officials in the Northern Region arguing that the appointments were made in disrespect of  normal procedures.

The official’s, Salim Bagus, Cliffer Kondowe, Bornwell Kapatuka, Daniel Kayipa and Zeleso Gomani  went ahead to seek an injunction at Mzuzu High Court restraining the two from taking their positions.

They have incessantly argued that Kalua and Uladi were appointed not in line with the party’s rules.

Joyce Banda
Banda: Made the appointments.

Some reports say that the five claim the Banda just imposed the two on the roles without proper consultations.

The appointment has been made by the party’s leader, Joyce Banda who remains outside Malawi.

The appointment of Mussa came when the party has been under leadership woes as Banda has been accused of leading the party over the Internet.

A faction in the Northern region has been pushing the party’s leadership to rope in Khumbo Kachale to be the party’s interim president as Banda has been out of Malawi ever since she lost the polls in 2014.

PP has since labeled the five as ‘fake’ party members.



  1. Any1 who is nt respecting president JB HE OR SHE MUST GO OUT OF PP RIGHT NOW.And if ur ready to oppose make sure ur MP NT JUST FUKEN COMMON MAN AS Ur never pls

  2. Jb akhale dolo akanabindikira kunja?a uladinso ndiandani akagwere ma red card ndiwomwe akuwavuta

  3. iiiiiiiii u Malawi 24, idnt know wat kind of jounalist u have there!! wen u wakeup u the Editor inchief wat u instruct ur boys and girls is atleast they should write something about JB? mxiew we are more than tired of JB plz timvereniko!!!!!!

  4. A Uladi Mussa Ndi Akamlepo Kaluwa Amandinyasa Bwanji, Amafuna Azikhala Ngati Anzeru Koma Zili Mbuzi Zenizeni Ali Mmadzi Kkkkk

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