Senior Chief Mlumbe hails Millennium Villages in Zomba

Mwandama health centre

Senior Chief Mlumbe of Zomba has commended Mwandama Millennium Village Project (MVP) for its support in transforming the area in different sectors.

Mlumbe acknowledged assistance given by MVP such as construction of health facilities, school blocks, bridges, irrigation schemes and upgrading roads which have transformed lives of people in the area.

He made the remarks during commemoration of World AIDS Day at Mwandama Health Centre ground in the area where MVP has been implementing its projects.

Mwandama health centre
Mwandama health centre

Chief Mlumbe said he is impressed with what MVP has done in the area for the past ten years and there is existence of development on the ground when compared to the work of other NGOs operating in the district.

‘’Maera and Mwandama Health Centres have reduced distance people used to travel to access health services at Thondwe Health Centre, ‘’ he said.

He added that he will ask government to construct a police unit in the area to provide security to all development activities which are taking place in the area.

Zomba District Health Officer (DHO), Dr. Gift Kawalazira, applauded workers for their cooperation with the DHO in making sure that hospital drugs are given enough security.

Dr. Kawalazira also assured health community members that their request to receive training in health delivery services will be conducted.

He also reported that the Ambulance donated by MVP to the area is parked at the DHO’s office waiting for services.

Mwandama area has become food secure because of an irrigation scheme constructed by MVP and the introduction of Mwandama fertilizer which does not require much money.

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  1. millenium villages is on of the most sucesfull projects in the country. its well managed and targerts rihtly met. all this is credited to the selfless, trsnsparent and wise leadership of a God fearing man DR ANdrew Daudi, a man who is afraid of taking ehat doesnt belong to him or entitled to

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