Govt gives hope on Presidential Cup


Malawi government through Malawi National Council of Sports (MNCS) has assured the general public that it will continue with the Presidential Cups next year.

Presidential Cups are run using funds from Presidential Initiative on Sports (PIS) package. Some of the sporting activities that are funded through the initiative are football, netball, and athletics.

Sporting activities in the offing. .
Sporting activities in the offing. .

Confirming the development, executive secretary for MNCS, George Jana, said funds are ready for the project and preparations are underway.

“At this time we have started the preparations and will meet with respective bodies for different sporting activities to discuss the way forward,” Jana told the media.

About two years now have gone since Presidential Football Cup was played because government refused to refund the money meant for the cup that was used up by Malawi national football team for a match against Nigeria in the 2014 World Cup qualifying campaign.

PIS was introduced in the country in the year 2009 by former head of state, late Bingu Wa Mutharika, as one way of promoting sports in the country.



  1. Mankhwara kulibe zipatara akuti chani ameneyu,acheya sitizakuiwalani tikuziwa kuti zinthu zikuvuta chifukwa cha anthu ena oganiza ngati mbewa.

  2. Ngati kapeni ikazatha sikuti muzathawe musatitenge ngati makasu anu tikufuna chaka chilichonse apulezideti opanda kukonda masewero ngati uyu sidamuone kuchita kuposedwa ndizimai yaa!achite manyazi.

  3. Govt imapanga presidential cup campain ikatsala pang,ono kuyamba.akawina that developing sports or taking advantage?ask peter?

    1. nope i don’t agree coz other sports disciplines akhala akusewera presidential cup except football whereby for 2 if not 3 consecutive seasons the money for football presidential cup was used by FAM for national team. should we blame govt there? i don’t think so but FAM should be taken to task why they waived the FAM cup money & yet sports council is also quiet on that zovutatu coz netball, hockey etc amamenya Presidential cup year in year out

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