No striker with more than 20 goals in ten years

Big Bullets vs Mighty Wanderers

The 2015 Malawi Super League season has ended and just like the nine seasons before it, in the just ended season the top goal scorers failed to score 20 goals or more.

This season, 14 goals have been the most from a single Super League and only Big Bullets’ Chiukepo Msowoya and Red Lions’ Innocent Bokosi achieved the feat.

But why are strikers in the top flight scoring less than 20 goals?

Malawian Coach, Meke Mwase, who is a head coach at Mbabane Highlanders FC of Swaziland, has got the answer.

Chiukepo Msowoya
Chiukepo Msowoya: Shared the award with Bokosi this year.

According to Mwase, nowadays it is difficult to find goals since the game of soccer has gone more tactical and he believes that training can be the best way to solve the spell.

“It’s everywhere, goals are hard to find. The game of soccer has gone more tactical. Teams just need to keep on finding ways and keep on training,” said Mwase.

On his part, local sports analyst, Enos Chatama, observed that most teams do not play as a team and the biggest problem is the training that teams do.

“The biggest problem has been training and a lot of teams lack proper coordination as they don’t play as a team,” said Chatama.

The Analyst further put the blame on coaches for failing to coordinate the other players with strikers so that they can score more goals. He also suggested that Super League Strikers are not ambitious and are uncompetitive.

“The other factor is that there is no ambition and competition, if a striker doesn’t score a lot of goals he doesn’t care because there is nobody scoring more as they are within the same level,” added Chatama.

The last time a Super League player netted more than 20 league goals was in the 2005 season in which Aggrey Kanyenda of Mighty Wanderers bagged 26 goals.

Since then, the average number of goals for top goal scorers has been 18 goals.



  1. KALE: 3 Corners=penalty. Offside=Thupi Lonse. Phewa=no Handball. Injury=no Fairplay. Bad Tackle=no Direct Redcard. Throw-in=anyhow

  2. In my country we luck competitive football. Do not blame the players think of this, how many games do we have in total for the team to complete the league?????
    How trophies do we have per season?????
    How many times do the team play per month??????
    This is major factors that contribute to the standard of soccer in my country.
    Sorry guys we need a lot of investment in our football circles.


  3. Ahahahah!!!! Zachikale kale, Pano mpira udasintha wosangoti dzigoli mbweeeee ngati ana! dzigoli dzachinyidwadzo ndi size yabwino panopa team iliyonse ikusewera bwino komanso ili ndi maplayer abwino sichomanga ichi achipoperanji mpaka 20 to 26 goalz! aaaaa!

  4. Zomayerekeza ndi psl ndi zomwe zikuvutazi that’s why. Malawi south Africa zinthu zimawavuta coz alibe mastrikers odalilika pochinya

  5. This is not happen in Malawi even here in South Africa, players are failing to reach 20 goals. Is it lack of skils or nön skilled coaches?

    1. They have scored only 14 ma top strikers athu of which they cud go as far as 40goals if thy jst beliv in it.but to u,u think 20 goals is too much kwa iwe 4 1player to score?ngat ku chipiku or simama kaya sejele ana akukwanisa y cant thy aakuluwo?

    2. @ Drew Ngwenya ndikugwirizana nanu. Its not that simple to score 20 plus goals a season. Komanso league yathu ili ndi ma team 15 which means that teams play 28 league games a season unlike in PSL, EPL and LA LIGA and other major leagues which have 20 teams which also translate into 38 games a season. Ndiye tikamapanga compare ma player athu omwe amasewera ten games less than in other leagues, i think we are not being fair to them.

    3. Amwene Chipiku mukuyinenayo ndamenyako if you know Ossa Stars yaku A18. Those strikers reach 50 or 30 sikuti amakhala zonsezo achina ndi iwowo zinazo amangopatsidwa I have seen with my own eyes chigoli chochinya akumpatsa striker wawo. Maka munthu woti wabwera kumene ndikuchinya they give it to the striker mufufuze bhobo

  6. Lack of development at grass roots and our players are not exposed enough ,we have got skill and talent players in our country but lack the basics and leadership.

  7. Mwaiwala Njoka 28 goals, it also means goal keepers were good enough not to let any in.

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