Proponents adamant on Thyolo-Mulanje secession

Bon Kalindo

Kalindo: Part of the controversy.

The People’s Land Organisation (PLO) based in Mulanje and Thyolo districts has maintained that the two districts will become an independent state if government fails to meet their wish.

PLO chairperson, Vincent Wandale, on Wednesday gave government 21 days to have all the disputes resolved, failing which he will again declare Mulanje and Thyolo as an independent state.

This comes barely days after the spokesperson of Citizen for the Protection of Mulanje Mountain (CPM) Bon Kalindo trashed the recent 17-day ultimatum PLO gave the government to have all the land problems resolved.

But Wandale said Kalindo and his friends, who opposed him on the previous 17-day ultimatum to the government, are promoting their own interests.

PLO wants the government to rule that all the companies which own estates in the districts got them illegally and also wants all the tea estates which are not being used to be shared to people who don’t have land for cultivation.



  1. Stupid pipo instead of coming together and develop the country you are busy with alomwe mithulo ndi chifukwa chake mwakadzadzana ku rsa bt still simukusambabe alhomwe koma kudya

  2. Iknow that in those two districts there are well educated people who knows that what their fellow friends are doing they ar just building the castles in the air.This issue needs the Malawan citizens to sit down amicably and discuss.If you want to build ROME in asingle day with one shoulder high you will not win the game.

  3. Go away with your nepotic and tribalistic Peter Muthalika.Malawi would be a better place to live without a lhomwe, Mulanje ndi Thyolo.Akakhala malonda a tea tidzidzagula ku Kenya.

  4. Go away with your nepotic and tribalistic Peter Muthalika.Malawi would be a better place to live without a lhomwe, Mulanje ndi Thyolo.Akakhala malonda a tea tidzidzagula ku Kenya.

  5. Anthu osowa kolima inu mulowera kuti, and your President is not saying anything, he is behind your rotten brains ,and it is only showing that you’re not happy with his leadership

  6. Go on with that idea may be you will stop breeding like rats and our gvt will save money with the program called kudzigulira malo since these are the same districts that waste our taxes.

  7. Amalawi 24 mudziona khani zomayika apa uyo musayiwale paja ndiwamasewero ndiye wakhala akusuta chamba thawi yayitali akamapanga sewero lero ndi ichi chikadagwilabe tchito musamuvere ndi wachamba ameneyi

  8. This is total non sense, kuli ameneyu akuyesa sewele pa TVM tu uyu, zomwe mukufuna mzoduka mutu ka kadzidzi inu. Ndipo sizitheka. mukusakape poti mitchukile kapena ?

    • who will be rulling malawi coz all intelligent pple come from there? do u know a lhomwe are alwez in driving seat to change politics in malawi eg. john chilembwe. James chiona. mutharikas. kaleso. kaliati .mpinganjiras.and also billionaires eg muli. madina. chilewe.etc so shut up ur stinking mouth

  9. Take note;no man is an island u nid ua fellow 2 help stop dat nmkhwidzi we all Malawians if sumting is wrong lets discuss dat matter amicably.This Malawi ndiwang’ono,maybe u thought phiri lamulanje it possess some gud minerals n u thought u can get sumting out of it n turned 2 be khumucha ,no way tisanamidzanepo apa.Au having a muscles 2 provide fertilizer 2 people who used 2btfu benefit from FISP,tisamanamidzanepo makosana.Mulanje n Thyolo people are not fools osawatengela kumtoso

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