Three men jailed for vandalizing Escom equipment

Escom Malawi load-shedding

The Neno magistrate court has given three men prison terms ranging from four and a half to six years for vandalizing Electricity Supply of Malawi (Escom) infrastructure consisting of 215 tower members.

Arrested.The three convicts are Wonderford Benard, Oscar Benard, and Maxwell Phiri. It is believed that the theft of the towers led to the fall of 12 Escom poles which were part of an overhead line that supplies electricity to Balaka, Ntcheu, Dedza and some parts of Lilongwe.

Wonderford who was the mastermind has been handed a 6-year jail term, Oscar has been given 5 years while Phiri has been sentenced to 4 and a half years.

In a related development, police in the commercial city of Blantyre are hunting for thieves who stole electricity cables at New Jesus Christ of Nazareth Pentecostal church in Manyowe.

According to police, the thieves went to the church on the night of Thursday, December 17 and cut off a 100 metre cable that was connected to the church.

Meanwhile, Escom has advised the general public to take care of the old fashioned cables saying they are on high demand from thieves who claims the cables contain copper inside them.



  1. What excactly is Escom worrying about? It has to worry how much does it lose whenever there’s blackout not the thieves who take advantages on dead wires.

    1. amwene muziyankhula bwino paja mumatililila zikakuvutani. Ndimisonkho yathutu ija amakakutengelaniyi. Kwanu mkwanu kungaipe bwanji.

  2. Anthuwo ngati akulimba mtima kukwera pamenepo kusonyeza kti escom inali kale. Nd magetsi kulibeko. Akudziwa kti shock singawabandule nkana akwerapo pamenepo

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