Rapist given 21-year jail term


CourtThe magistrate court in Mzuzu has sentenced a Malawian man to 21 years imprisonment for repeatedly defiling his six year-old daughter and infecting her with Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs).

The victim died four weeks ago after succumbing to the infection but left full evidence to the court.

The convict has been identified as Daniel Mbukwa, 27. Passing his judgment, chief resident magistrate Texas Masoamphambe sentenced Mbukwa to 21 years in prison with hard labour and said the offender “deserves a stiff punishment as his offence invites a maximum of life imprisonment.”

Mbukwa hails from Miyombo village in the area of senior chief Kilupula in Karonga District.



  1. ma magistrate ena ndi ozungulira mitu kufunika kuwatibula pang’ono apereka bwanji chigamulo chmenechi pamene kamwanako kanamuputa dala Nyamatayu sanalakwa

  2. Mmmmmmm koma anthu akumpoto inu kaya ndiziwanda nde zakulowereranid every dae kumangomva nkhan zonyasa from the north inuyo kupambanaa?mxiiiiiiiiiie

  3. A wise man learn from other peoples mistakes but a fool learn from his own mistake,for those who think they’re hiding,must stop before they get caught.Please surrender your life to Jesus so that devil shouldn’t turn your mind as his workshop.

  4. Whats wrong with you guys? you posted this story on 4/12/2015 with different facts, and you are posting the same story and now you are telling us that she was her daughter. Get your facts straight before posting your stories.

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