Dedza man murdered for magically killing others

Lightning believed to be magically made.

An Angry mob in Dedza district on Monday killed a 45 year-old man for being suspected to have killed two people using a man-made lightning, Malawi Police say.

The incident happened in the area of Group Village Headman Kakhome.

Group village headman Kakhome has so far identified the deceased as Macdaf Enock.

The chief said Enock admitted to have killed the two people with a lightning which he said was the work of his hands.

Kakhome said the victim claimed to have made the lightning together with two other friends who are at large.

Reports say a police officer visited the area to rescue the victim but was overpowered by the angry villagers.

Meanwhile police have not yet commented on the matter.



  1. Ngati anawaphadi, sanawapeze? What I mean is that olo uphe nawe udzafabe because the bible says mlingo umene ukuyedzera wina the same measure will come back to you.

  2. muuzeni uja amat kulibe ufiti kumalawi kuno akuuzen yekha”
    zngakhale zoveka kumat ufiti kulibe kunja kuno??

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