PAC, Malawians clash on federalism adoption

Dr Binah Shaba

PAC stands by its federalism report The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has stood by its report that said Malawians are not ready for federalism, days after some Malawians berated it.

Earlier, Mzuzu residents blasted the report by PAC arguing that it was half-baked and it does not reflect the views of people on the matter.

Concurring with the residents, chairperson for the Forum for the Advancement of Federalism and Rural Development in Malawi , Dr Binah Shaba, said the report lacks basic clarification on how PAC managed to come to the conclusion that most Malawians are not interested in federalism.

Dr Binah Shaba
Dr Binah Shaba presenting petition on federalism previously.

“PAC is a spent force in as far as representing the voiceless Malawians is concerned. They never did what people told them to do; the committee was no longer dealing with what people want.”

“It is unfortunate that the committee has now joined government in compromising things in this country. Malawians wants federalism and not the current unitary state which has left most of us in extreme poverty,” said Shaba.

However, speaking to Malawi24, PAC publicity secretary, Father Peter Mulomole, said the report represent views of the public.

“We were discussing with opinion leaders, leaders who were representing the people whom you’re talking about, if that sample said yes then we could have gone for civic education on federalism in Malawi, whatever we got was from the public and this [is] Public Affairs Committee not government affairs committee,” said Mulomole.

Mulomole further said PAC is yet to submit the report on federalism to government.



  1. We northerners where have we gone wrong, for the unfair government to treat us in this way?? In the same way God saved Israelites from the hands of cruel pharaoh so He wii do with us from the hands of “Adolf- Hitlic Peter Mtharika.”

  2. Where is development in malawi?enanu simunayende
    .tizingolimbana ndi zinthu za zii.every corner of this country is just very poor.if u are in the north you think south is developed.Go there u will be shocked.we have areas here in the south where children run away when they see a car.high levels of uneducated people.I was in a village of more than 30000 people, the highly educated son was a form 4.the situation is similar to those in the center.So where is development u r talking about? Lilongwe and Bt, r these worthy capital city and commercial city respectivey?A big No!!!! Mulibe development muno.however moliramo tiyeni tigawane cake equally.

  3. Federal is good for ordinary people but its nt good for the president and his cabinet cos they wl lose power and kusolola its diffucult so when you are against federal you are just hurting yourself ordinaryMalawians

  4. Amalawi,fedelism ndiyabwino ,madela amapikisana okhaokha chitukuko chimayenda bwino.kodi sumuyenda mmaiko nkuona mmene akuyendesera?chigawo chilichonse azizipangira chitukuko .mwina ndalama zolowa mmatumba zingachepe,kuba amalawi

  5. aliyense kwawo nkwako osamangoti chitukuko mbali imodzi mtundu wina wake umakonda kulowerera ma regions anzawo anthuwo akapeza ndalama ,amapanga manyumba abwino madera omwe siakwawo monga blantyre ndi mu lilongwe instead of mzuzu

    1. You think like a chicken my brother.Hope you know that the development you are refering to in your comment will do little if government does not provide social services to the people that would open up the region to the outside world.Such is development that will develop the region because the business angels, companies, investors will always flock to places with better social services that will boost their socio-economic activities.Or if I may ask this simple question……did a person build the BICC or the Bingu International Stadium with personal money or may be Malawi Government did that?It is such developments which acts as socio-economic incentives and open up the developing world to the outside world who move in with investments,infrastructures etc that further develop the region.If I build a house for me to live in,that is individual development that is aimed at improving my living standards in form of having an access to shelter of a good standard.This will then improve my health conditions to because my living environment is of good standard.So think,reason and comment like a literate person.

    2. easy, when u will win presidency u will develop yo regions inu ngat ma big folded brainz inuyo.kkk dem mbwenumbwenuzi its de way de world is jus understand.even america sinapange chitukuko madera onse at de sametym.rome wasnt built in aday.go to chiradzulu phalombe neno chikwawa u can point nothing.go to tchisi dowa nchinji even some townships within lilongwe u can point nothing.malawi is adeveloping nation not adeveloped nation get this,then de advantage of blantyre to have all those stuff was because of historic as most white colonists were dare glowing tea,doing trade xchanges,n tat tym sourthen region gatta ahigher population tat enabled uncivilised trade n employment(thangata systems in plantations ) rather than northen region n central region.thats y wi have more names of whites in history who were dwellin in s region lyk william jarvis,henry henderson josephy booth jus to mention but afew.n still somewhites r there lyk wi r hearin rumours about breakoff of thyolo n mulanje from malawi to form dare own state as aresult of these white skins who r suspected to be have been seized land dey caltivate from their ancestors. Another rizon is tat companies developd blantyre rapidly due to electricityactivity at nkula establishd by those whites n which waz sufficiently availabo jusnearby blantyre at tat tym up to now in addition to advanced missionaries ,white farmers n premitive trade.n Dr kamuzu banda who ddnt choose his homeground(kasungu) to develop de adminstrative (capital) city thought it to be wisr to continue with administrative city cc it was already establishd by colonial rules until capital city (zomba) in south waz transferd to lilongwe for equality rizonz tat was in lilongwe was”is” becoming pregnant jus bcoz itwaz the stomach of our mother malawi, accordin to hkb followups.however,other activities r now denied into bcoz of democratic regimes.all in all adjustment is asubsidiary….any fake idealogies comments conrcerns queries complimentaries bhizaric must depict dem possibly n accordingly

    3. mr john paul,understand this fumbi ndiwe mwini this is a very true old saying.lets a counter example onto tis 11% of original people of lilongwe deserted ll dstrct for blantyre every year where wil de govt provide more resources????.if northee could populise govt wud had provide social services equitably,as high levels of tax extractions in services rendered due to high population.bad example livingstonia synod is interfaring nkhoma synod zone??? Y not blantyre synod??

  6. Has the northern region enough space to accommodate the lot who out number those of the central & southern in the public & private sectors’ work places??????!!!!!!

  7. This is not true the problem is with you reporters. Like in your article you say Malawians are not happy with it and yes you have just quoted one person Bina Shawa. This fellow was invited to the forums and even in the final one he was invited but he chose not to go so he can be making these noises.

  8. Kodi amene akulimbitsa zimene atumidwa chaaaaaniiii?Ndi angerezi kapena,abweretu poyera anene.No time for federation in our country……..

  9. What Binah Shaba should now do is that he should conduct his survey in the North only and if he has the means he should include the Centre because we Southerners see no problem here in Malawi with the current APM administration. We see no sense in the federalism movement. Should Binah find a single Mhinya saying no to federalism, then let it be so.

  10. The truth of the matter is that we as Malawians, we are not yet ready for federalism.In doing random survey we don’t include every Jim and Jack’s views, so the findings are indeed the true reflection of what Malawians wants currently.If Dr Binah Shaba is not satisfied with PAC’s survey let him do his survey!!!

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