Strong Winds damage houses in Zomba


Six people are injured and several others are homeless after heavy winds blew off roofs and damaged houses in some parts of Malawi’s old capital Zomba district.

Some areas in Traditional Authorities Mwambo, Malemia and Mlumbe have been affected leaving victims including children and women homeless.

The disaster occurred on Tuesday afternoon following rains in the district.

The rainy season is back.

Councillor for Masongola ward in Zomba Central constituency, Jemson Mulekere, said the victims are seeking refuge from relatives because the roofs as well as walls of their houses were completely damaged.

“The victims lost maize flour and their beddings and kitchen utensils were damaged,” said Mulekere.

Reports indicate that 651 houses were damaged in T/A Mwambo and 110 houses in the area of T/A Mlumbe.

Meanwhile Zomba City Council Officials have so far visited Masongola and Mbedza wards.

Assistant district disaster and risk management officer at Zomba District Council, Florence Ntepa, said the affected people are being accommodated in their relatives’ houses while others have recovered.

Ntepa added that roofs of seven school blocks were blown off and the victims require shelter and food assistance.

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  5. God please Malawi is poor already so where can they get money to maintain those damaged houses?? Please if you know that because we are sinners just forgive us, people lets believe in christ ( Mark 4v35-41)

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    1. doesn’t make a sense, this is only abt nature + climatic change not politics even though u hate a president plus p party. behave mature buddy

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