Young women advised to participate in party politics

Malawi Women

Despite assertions being made that failure of most women to take part in party politics has been perpetrated by the failure of former Malawi President Joyce Banda to change the country for good, young women have been advised to take part in party politics.

Malawi Women
Urged to be active. (Google image).

For a long time, women have not been participating in public affairs and political discussions which has greatly affected the achievement of gender equality in the country.

According to a 2014 Afrobarometer survey, despite being led by a female president for about two years, Malawian women are less likely to be involved in campaign meetings and to persuade others to vote for a candidate among other things.

National Coordinator for Young Politicians Union, Clement Nakhuwa said their union is encouraging young women to take part in party politics in order to achieve gender equality.

“As a union we are advising young women to take part in party politics so that we achieve gender equality by 2053 which is an agenda set by the United Nations and will help in advancing young women’s political agenda,” said Nakhuwa.



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  5. Zazii what will this help the nation @ this critical time?

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