PAC says no to federalism in Malawi

Fr. Peter Mulomole

A report by Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has swept aside calls to adopt a federal system of government in Malawi and says that the country is not ready for a change in political system.

In the aftermath of the 2014 tripartite general elections, some segments of the Malawian society began to call for the adoption of federalism.

Dominant narratives showed that the call was, in part, motivated by strong perceptions of political and economic exclusion and inequalities among the regions of the country.

Fr. Peter Mulomole
Fr. Peter Mulomole; Malawi seems not ready for federalism. .

Reacting to the calls, PAC convened one national and three regional consultative conferences aimed at uncovering the fundamental issues behind the calls for federalism and inclusivity in the country.

According to a report that PAC has released following the conferences, a total of 169 issues were independently identified by 14 groups of delegates.

The consultation found that there are nine priority concerns that cause discontent, discomfort, disappointment and despair among Malawians in relation to the county’s political system.

However, the report has found the calls to be misplaced and premature and has shown that the unitary system Malawi currently uses can meet the needs of Malawians.

Speaking to Malawi24, PAC publicity secretary, Father Peter Mulomole, said the report shows the country is not ready for federalism.

“People are suggesting that the unitary system can work and can satisfy people’s needs if we allow citizen participation and improve the current system,” said Mulomole. Mulomole further said the report has recommended that government should take due cognizance of the issues that cause discomfort, discontent, and despair among Malawians as they clearly constitute a recipe for federalisation calls and are genuine concerns that require attention and redress by authorities.



  1. I once said in my document last years that PAC has no mandate to lead federalism. I knew that most of the people leading PAC are from South,another point is that federalism is a political issue so there was no need for for PAC to be there as leaders but they should have been acorretive body that would include politicians and not PAC. Did they conduct referendum to say half of Malawi don’t need federalism? Shit

  2. Kadziko Kakamgono,koma Umphaw Wadzaonen,mmalo Mokamba Zothetsa Umphaw,federalism Ya Chan?Amalaw Muzachenjera Lit?Mawawian Too Much Misundastanding,rememba Demon-cracy Itangobwera Ku Nyaxaland Ena Anali Buzy Kupang Vandalizn Znth In The Name Of Democracy,wise Up Osamalimbana Nd Znthu Zosapindulitsa,ngat Mumangoluza Zisankho Nd Chfukwa Chot Dzko Silimakufunan Inuyo,ndiye Musapeperese Amalaw Chfukwa Chot Mukufuna Kukhutitsa Mimba Zanu Zazikuluzo,go To Hell Wth Ur Federalism

  3. Felix Chingota is from southern region, therefore can not talk good of federal government. The 64% of people who rejected federalism are southerners and their reseach was only done in southern region. Surely, central and northern region are never asked and sensetised of this thing. Central and northern need nothing alse but federalism. PAC represents only people of southern region.

  4. Atumbuka nda mene akufuna federism nde tingoti atumbuka nonse muzivaya kwanu ku mpoto,amene akufuna federism koma ali ku south ameneyo will just say Fuck u!

  5. Federalism is for big,diverse,multiracial, or broadly pluralistic states…not like Malawi…….there are so many reasons for Federalism,but Malawi is not qualified to have a Federal Government……we r talking of big. Countries like India,USA,Russia etc…..the population of Malawi can B double or Tripple to a singke state wuthiun the Indian Federalism

  6. Wakuteta wa PAC,iwo warya vitumbuwa wakhuta ndivo wakuyowoyera nthena,wafumbana wekha kuka office kawo mbwe wakuti tose,pala wakumuryesani makola wa boma ni tose yayi wa PAC heee

  7. First look at the composition of PAC members where they coming from. If PAC is south enlisted do you think they can say yes to federalism.
    The answer to all the problems Malawian are facing is federalism. They are afraid bcoz central and north will be come rich than Lomwe region.

  8. This is what Alexander Touchville called “dictatorship of the majority”. Even the majority can decide something that is objectively wrong. We need federalism modelled on the Germans to give a thrust to our ailing economy and remove Muhlakho-entrenched nepotism.


  10. Which malawians said no? Central and Northern Regions want federalism. Under this stupid government Northern Region is failing to develop. Why not state governor of the North come from the south? They want federalism only for development agenda, the president will be the same whether the mathanyulas or somebody else for the whole nation. So what is the problem here? Pac can’t see that reasoning? Am so disappointed with Pac’s failures. Once more, which Malawians said no to federalism ? Malawians Malawians!!

    1. i tell u my dear friend if the north is failing to develop is bcoz of population. even companies cant operate where there are few pipo and what makes matters worse is that ayiniakewo akaphunzira sakhala kumpoto konko koma amachoka ndi kumanzakhala ku lilongwe ndi ku blantyre kusiyanso anthu ochepa. even we adopt federalism kumpoto will remain tbe same due to poulation ya anthu. u cant compare population ya kumpoto ndi yapakati ndi yakumwera. so the main reason why the north is back interms of development is its population.

    2. #Banda,What a stupid man you are,munthu wa mkulu ngati iwe u still think federalism is the way to go? and you keep on saying the” Center and north want federal leadership”.who told you kuti those from the center want that shit? huh? its only you selfish Tumbukas who want a federation coz everybody body knows kuti you’ll never rule this country ever,and if Malawi happens to follow that path of federism promise you kuti all those from the north who live in south and center will be forced to go back home no matt what.mdala unangokula opqnda nzeru.

  11. Koma John Chlembwe Atangot Adzuke Azalilira Mwazi Wake Chfukwa Akanadziwa Kut Malaw Izakhala Ikufuna Federalism Sakanalora Kufera Dzikoli Bwez Atawasiya Asamunda AliKanyange Dzkoli Iye Ali phee Kuotcha Mbatata Zake Kuchladzulu

  12. Are all malawians not ready or the pac? The pac is Stupid .Let the people vote and not them speaking on behalf of the people

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  14. bola kungogawana, akumpoto ajoine Zambia, akummwera Mozambique, pakati mbali ina mozamb mbali ina Zambia basi. chifukwa zikuoneka kuti kulongosola dziko kwatikanika, we r sinking, everybody can c this.

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