Malawi Police officer brutally beaten by locals in Mulanje

Malawi Police riot vehicle

Reports reaching Malawi24 indicate that irate community members in Mulanje district have beaten up Nkando Police Unit Officer-In-Charge (OC) for being suspected of lending a hand in a robbery.

According to people surrounding Thuchila Farm Institute in the district where the incident took place, the OC is suspected to have given thugs a gun which they used to attack the institute on Sunday night.

Malawi Police riot vehicle
Police:Alert. (File)

Mulanje police publicist, Greciam Ngwira, told the media that they arrested two people who were part of a ten member gang that attacked the farm institute but he did not confirm or deny the allegations leveled against the OC saying investigations were still underway.

He explained that the people were caught after guards alerted members of community policing who helped them to apprehend the two suspects while eight others managed to escape and are still at large.

“It is true we have arrested two suspects who were part of a ten member gang that attacked Thuchila Farm Sunday night but more details to the case will be known after investigations are through”, Ngwira told the media.

It has been established that the said OC has currently been transferred by Southern Region Police to an unknown duty station.

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    1. The truth is that four men went to visit the farm in order to break it in the evening. So a tip reached the officers at Mkando police. As the robbers were walking to mkando tc, one traffic officer who was at Road block arrested two of them. The others ran away.When searched they were found with a key which was believed to be of the safe of the farm. When the public heard about it went to police and demanded that they handover the suspects to them so that they go and look for their friends. The officer in charge handed over the suspects as you know the area is under politics and police there do not work normally. When they took the suspects they started beating them.This did not go wel with the o/c and he left them.when the people heard that the key was at office kept by the officer concerned as per law they linked the officer with the robbery since he is a friend of the administrator of the farm.That was when they started manhandling the officer. All this because of politics. Their has been bad relationship with the officer for some time now . anything you heard apart from this is cooked story.

  2. Mmalo mogulixa zipatala zitsilu ngat zimenez ndizomwe zikufunika kugulixidwa kut akazipange kanyenya kunja komabe mwanchita bhooo kut agalu ena aphunzilepo

  3. Mwacita boh guyz kut ene atengerepo lesson kut zovala zija c zkwanje zoophyezera ant2 ndi unform ngat yakusukulu nde asamazipope coz nkhan imakhala mt2p. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk mo fire guyz.

  4. Why transfer? Even here @ mponela we have policemen like this OC.shame to the Minster & IG!!!!!!

  5. This is common to shield a comrade by transfering him or her but are we solving the issue,remember Guta issue eee kaya.

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