Nude photos of former Miss Malawi, Ella Kabambe, in the offing


…accused of wrecking a marriage of 30 years

Former Miss Malawi who is also an employee of National Bank Ella Kabambe has been forced to deactivate her Facebook account after an irate woman had threatened to publish her indecent photos.

According to a letter circulating on social media which Malawi24 has seen, the unidentified woman is challenging Kabambe over what she says is the former beauty queen’s behaviour of sleeping with married men.

Ella Kabambe

Ella Kabambe

The woman in question alleges that Kabambe is at the centre of wrecking her 30 year old marriage.

“As I am writing to you, my husband and I maybe going through a divorce soon. I do not fault you entirely for the divorce, although you are a big part of it,” reads part of the letter which has been addressed to Kabambe.

The woman in question claims that the Chancellor College graduate has been milking off her husband such that the man failed to pay school fees for his children in overseas schools.

“My husband has totally changed, my kids missed their semester exams ‘cause of you,” claims the woman who says that Kabambe has been demanding that the man takes her to China and Dubai for shopping.

The woman has also promised to invade the home of Ella’s parents in Zomba where she will not only report her to parents but also splash to them Ella’s nude photos which she has been sending to the married man.

Apart from accusing her of going out with her husband, the anonymous woman alleges that Kabambe has also been seducing other men and has been sleeping with other older men including a 70 year old.

Malawi24 investigations have revealed that the former beauty queen is in a serious relationship with a Blantyre based guy of her own age.

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