Two girls die at a Catholic Church in Mzimba


Two Malawian girls have died while another one is battling for her life at Mzuzu central hospital after lightning struck them at a Catholic Church in Mzimba.

Lightning killed the two.

Witnesses told Malawi24 that there was a heavy downpour that was accompanied by intense lightning on the day of the tragedy.

The trio was still in church waiting for the rain to stop when unfortunately lightning struck them.

The two died on the spot while one was rushed to Mzimba district hospital where she was quickly referred to Mzuzu central hospital for advanced medical attention.

Northern region police publicist, sergeant Maurice Chapola, identified the two who died as 17 year-old Maria and 13 year-old Kistna Msimuko.

But Chapola said he was yet to identify the one battling for her life at Mzuzu central hospital.

More details to follow………………………..



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  3. Rest in peace my sweet little ones. Malawi24, may you lease give us details of the girl in hospital so that those of us in mzuzu may visit her.

  4. May their souls rest in peace & for the one in hospital wishing a quick recovery.

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