CCTV footages delay MK500 million Standard Bank robbery case in Mzuzu


The high court in Malawi’s northern region city of Mzuzu has adjourned a case in which three people are suspected to have stolen MK500 million at Standard Bank’s Mzuzu branch.

According to government prosecutor, Jacob Nambiri, this has come after defence lawyers asked for time to scrutinize the videos that bank cameras were recording when the three suspects were carrying out their criminal acts.

He said among their evidence, the videos are very important but because of the nature of bank cameras it was hard for them to bring them to court.

CourtThis made the defendants to demand viewing the videos and after they had seen them, they wanted more time before the court passes judgement.

“They saw the videos and then asked for time to scrutinise the same before the final judgment. We from the government side agreed with them on that,” said Nambiri. Meanwhile, the case is expected to resume on 11 January next year.

Last year, the media was running with reports that armed robbers had stormed the bank and went away with MK500 million. The robbers were ho

wever, caught before crossing Malawi’s boarder with Zambia.



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