Malawi opens Cecafa tourney with a bang!


The only guest nation at the on-going Cecafa cup in Ethiopia registered a 2-1 victory over Sudan on Monday afternoon.

Big Bullets duo of Chiukepo Msowoya and Dalitso Sailesi were on target as the Sudanese saw their penalty well saved by Simplex Nthara.

Ernest Mtawali used a 4-4-2 formation, with Miracle Gabeya partnering John Lanjesi in defence.

The physicality of this game on display from the kickoff with the Sudanese coming very hard on Malawi.

However, it was the Flames who  opened the scoreline in the 13th minute through  Msowoya following a brilliant display of football from the midfield, 1-0.

Flames won against Sudan today.

Three minutes later, the game was level.

The Sudanese launched a stunning counter attacking football which the Flames failed to contain, allowing their lethal forward Ibrahim Salah to slot past Nthara, 1-1.

The West African side exerted too much pressure on Malawi but lacked finishing composure towards the third quarter of the match.

The Flames of Malawi restored back their lead through debutant Sailesi who capitalized on defensive relapse from the hosts to slot past their short-stopper, 2-1.

Come second half, the Sudanese were a better side as they kept on attacking from all cylinders in search for the match needed goals but Flames defence was too stubborn to unlock.

The hosts got an opportunity to equalize from a free kick from 40 yards but their attempt was cleared away for safety by Stainley Sanudi.

Chimango Kayira had his shot well saved by the host’s goalie before denying Msowoya from doubling his lead. As the pressure was too much to contain for Mtawali’s boys, the Sudanese won a penalty with five minutes to play.

Their forward stepped in but saw his spot kick well saved by Nthara to the disappointment of the home fans and after 90 minutes of play, it ended 2-1 in favor of the Flames who are now second in the standings, level on points with South Sudan who managed to beat Djibout 2-0.

The Flames’s next assignment is on Wednesday against Djibout and a win will see them qualify to the quarter-finals of the tournament but will have to do it without Gabeya who was stretched off due to an injury in the second half.



  1. You hv started well guyz,just pull up your socks so that we can win the other coming games

  2. Nice start. Keep up the spirit guys. mutigonetsa tulo tabwino heavy. ndakunyadilani.

    1. Ndy mpirawo inu mwayamba liti kutsatira mpira? Sat lomweli tawona Carzola akuphonya penalty game ili pa 2-1 so what are you saying,Ife zitikhudze kuti muli ku Ethiopia?

  3. Tinayambanso bwino zakazingapo zapitazo kuAFRICAN CUP OF NATIONS ndikuipha Algeria 3-0 but the least games zinativuta so tisayambe mkuima pachulu ndi game imodzi.

    1. Eyaka! akaluza kuwadzudzula, akapambana kuwayamikira…fair

  4. Much Better Malawi Timakukondani Mkawna Mukaluza Ndinu Zisilu Mungo Tizolowera Amalawi Tilibe Pabwino!i

  5. Sudan is poridge not Flames my bro @ Lyten work up. Lets wait and c, we wanna beat all games in this group for sure ma men. God is in our side. Flames more fireeeee.

  6. Vuto laife amalawi pamene tachita bwino tayambanso kumasogolera kuifowokesa pamacomment.Lets stand togather and give mulalo our nation team.

    1. Do you remember when flames was in Tanzania? Because defence was poor the nomads were saying Tanzania 2 and bullets 0 cox Fodya was not in form? actually am supporting their comments but your comment shows you are out of it.

  7. Kuganiza mopusa kumeneko kumaganiza za ngozi kodi anthu enanu munabadwa bwanji smungathe kuganiza musanalankhure Flames ndi dziko chifukwa anthu onse amene apita kukasewera mpirawo anthu so they are representing their Country osati nyansi zanuzo kumaganiza za ngozi kulani man

  8. Eeeesh Panado Uja Sindimwanso, Nkhawa Imandipeza Chifukwa Ma Flames Kukhumudwisa Kwambiri. Kukana Zina Ndi Zina Ndinaguliratu Ka Panado.

  9. ma strikers amamenya okha ground yonse akati team ndigulu la anthu kupanga zinthu ndi cholinga chimodzi ndikudabwa ena akuti bullets bullets umbuli chiyani

  10. Anthu Mumaononga Zinthu, Flames Si Maule. Enao Akamva Zimenezi Mumtima Amva Bwanji? Ndine Wa BB Koma Sindingasekerere Ma Comment Opusawo. A Team Is Collective Efort Yamaplayer Onse, Starting With A Goal Kipa.

  11. sometimes its hard to understand some people. the team wins you say Mtawali zitsamba. team lose Coach doesn’t know what he is doing.all in all congratulations the flames.

    1. kkk guyz am a bullets supporter but when we came to the national lets celebrate as one not metionng clubs to avoid kusalana apa ma flames woyeee

    2. thats very true SAMUTE, we are 1nation,with 1president with 1 currency, 1FAM 1FOOTBALL,so in the name of football why do you want to kill the happiness we are enjoying this afternoon after this match? then udon’t understand,its FLAMES that was playing and not noma,bb,civo,silver or anyother team in tnm s/league,EXCUSE ME!!!!!

    3. we are one lets all for de win si Tnm iyi tizisiyanisa analipo ndi ateam imozi mugrondimo else waseva penalty uja ndi chaima ??? Yawina flames as fe nation

    1. #avail kodi mukati sindikonda dziko mutanhtauzanji? Kodi team ya flames ndi dziko ?kapena imangokayimilira dziko la malawi.? Mufuna mundiuze kuti flames itachita ngozi onse ndikufa ,ndiye kuti dziko la malawi latha??

    2. One eyedman(flames) among the blind(cecafa) is a king. Testing players in cecafa in readiness for afcon? Tz was given 1 week by algeria, if flames beat tz is like kicking a dying horse, a normal person cannot smile

    3. anything can happen in the football pitch amadziwa ndani kut malawi ndikuwina lero,enanu zakunyasani kuti malawi yawina lero. ufiti sikuuluka kokha komanso kumufunira m’bale wako zachabe. NDINU AMALAWI KOMA?

    4. #precious , am a true malawian from up north. But according to the football community standards that we have here can no manage to improve our most beloved sport.

  12. K kkkk malawi 24 dnt mek mi laugh til i faint u hv a netwrk problm which u r trying 2 end evry1 knws dat wen t cmes 2 netwrk mw z -0.0002 accuracy….danx 4 updatex

  13. K kkkk malawi 24 dnt mek mi laugh til i faint u hv a netwrk problm which u r trying 2 end evry1 knws dat wen t cmes 2 netwrk mw z -0.0002 accuracy….danx 4 updatex

  14. After 94 minutes Malawi 2-4 Sudan,zimandiwawa bwanji,kuti chimavuta ndichani kuteteza zigoli akachinya…ndigone kaye akawina mundidzutse,koma akapanda kuwina ndiye mungondisiya mwezi sunatha,mutu ukayamba kuwawa ya panado ndiribe.

    1. Ha ha ha….koma anthu amenewa angakumane chisangalalo kkkkk. Ok bra all in all congrats to our troopers 4 the job done, let’s nt carried way wit that win we remain focus…gud dy.

    1. tsopano inu amaliwa amalawian izi zamasewera ngat mmasapota flames ndinu.ine imandikhumudwisa tionana ngati itapitilire munya. nusanditukwanise ine ndiopemphera msandichimwise hiiii

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