Malawians mourning Paris attacks


…Critics call it acting out of ‘peer pressure’

A cross section of Malawians have expressed their solidarity with France after terrorist attacks that saw at least 120 people dead.

On social media, a number of Malawians have shaded their profile pictures with the colour of the flag of France in what Facebook has said is a sign of solidarity with the European nation that has been hit by the terrorists as a revenge of their actions in Syria where they are fighting the Islamic state.

Malawi mourns victims of Paris attacks
Malawi mourns victims of Paris attacks

However, a good number of other Malawians have faulted the sympathy that Malawians are having over the attacks that have happened in France saying that they are just acting under peer pressure.

“A lot of people died in Kenya and nobody changed their profile pictures, others died in the flooding here and there were no Malawi flags put on profile pictures, what is this craziness with changing profile pictures for France?” asked a social commentator on Facebook.

“A lot of Malawians like to pray for other countries, our country is falling apart and we are doing nothing about it yet we are worried about events in France. It makes me sad,” another person wrote critiquing the solidarity with France.

“People are dying in Burundi, 43 died in Lebanon and there was nothing that we posted, now that it is in Paris we are all getting angry. This is just being influenced by the powerful western media,” said another person on Facebook.

Those who have changed their profile pictures have not come out strongly to justify their solidarity. A social media analyst has said that not all Malawians shading their profile pictures are in solidarity with France.

“Most people on the Malawi social media like to go along with the flow without really knowing what is happening or what it means, I would like to think for most of the people shading their profiles it is for the same reason,” he said to Malawi24.     



  1. This black woman Sarah Baartman was used in French zoos as an exhibition. During her living days she was being paraded in nudity in public places and sexually abused. In those days the French planted a belief that a black woman’s private parts had(has) demons…#Leuthardt is here seeking sympathy, for what? Answer that? The souls should really rest in peace and may God give peace to all humanity. Down terrorism, we condemn it.(France be like Japan)

  2. You sowed Bullets, you are harvesting it. No body forgets how France used a black woman in nudity in their classes. Face it

  3. we hav so many problems in africa coz of western gvts they ar suppporting terrorism every were we ar killing each other every dy for there own interest they ar plundering our resources silver,gold diamond and oil they hav killed thousands of innocent people in africa and the middle east remember france oz the first country to bomb Libya and killed Gadafih for there own interest thousa of innocence people died in the name of democracy they dd the same to Iraqi ,afughanistan nw the ar in syria supporting terrorist hundreds ar dying every dy ar they not human beings they ar plundering oil and other resources we ar worshipping the criminals coz we dont the true on other hand we ar greed opemphapempha komanso aulesi kuzolowela kulandila lets support mother africa and mother malawi to be financially independent tisakhalebe mmikhwapa mwa azungu mwatengekat

    1. You talk a lot but d’ont know anything, see my comments below about writing and now as you think kowing everythings your brothers!! footballers are paid as much as ours, do they help you in any way?they earn millions of dollars, but they spend it in Europ&Usa where they have the biggest houses & cars.

  4. Amalawi kufuna chithandizo basi,kungova zoti ma donor asiya kutithandiza basi tizingohonga zilizonse…enafe tizafika mpaka kukalamba president waoyo asanakambeko zamalawi,busy kumangotivutisa coz ndiazungu..koma ine mdakakhala mmalawi ine!!!!

  5. Amalawi kufuna chithandizo basi,kungova zoti ma donor asiya kutithandiza basi tizingohonga zilizonse…enafe tizafika mpaka kukalamba president waoyo asanakambeko zamalawi,busy kumangotivutisa coz ndiazungu..koma ine mdakakhala mmalawi ine!!!!

  6. Sick with no brains. People were killed in Malawi by the so called #Mutharika anyone mourned in #Paris can’t worship what you people worship

  7. this is Bulshit…here in Africa we dd lost alot of brother and cctas.sme parts of our continet includng 250 students who was abducted by islamist nigeria, so where dd yu show yr fucken solidality?? …hw special is fucken FRANCE to us???…chimsana upindika admin..#prayforAfrica

  8. mmalawianotu amaona ngati akangoika flag yafrance pa profile pic yake ndiekuti pompo asanduka nzungu.enanso amanamizani aati akangoika flag yafranceyo basi kungovaya ku embassy ya france akawapangira VISA ulere,kkkkk.kudedeluka mmalawiano

  9. When the floods happened i cared, when boko haram did its shinadigans in nigeria i cared, when garissa happened i cared too. I am showing solodarity for this because silence against it would mean we would tolerate that if it happened here.

  10. French on Chiboko Girls Campaign…..Bring Back Our Girls. Crying for Nigeria. Mulungu sangatipatsa madalitso zimitima zanjoka ngati izi za anthu akudafe!

  11. This is nt strage thing coz what happened in France is same thing whch is happenin in this world…. Why theze guys akuzetengela zinthu ngt kuti ndikuyamba kuchitika pa dziko la pansi.. U hv to knw tht zomwe mukupanga mayiko inawo ululu wake umaveka ngt mmene mukuvelera inuyo…..

  12. I even wonder when am reading such articles, I’ve seen others even painting their profile pictures because of this tragedy but I’ve never seen them painting the time students died in Kenya, Boko Haram kills people day by day but I’ve seen nobody painting profile picture in the name of solidarity.Am not trying to blame those who painted but am trying to tell them to do the same as such tragedies happens here in Africa as well

  13. Moto Umapita Uko Kuli Tchire And Mulingo Muyesera Anzanu Mudzayesedwa Nao Kodi Tiziti Malawi Ndiye Dziko La Mkaka Ndi Uchi Kapena Lolonjezedwa?Awatu Zapita Tatsala Ndife So Wen Comenting Lets Think Twice Coz Mulungu Amadziwa Chilichose Tilingalira Or Tisanalankhule.Do U Have Evidence Kuti Aliyense Waku France Ndi Oipa ?Kodi Awuza A Mitima Youma Ngati Mwala Kuti Muwapempherere? Alipo Amene Akhonza Kuwaikiza Mapemphero Or Atapanda Kuuzidwa Chifukwa Ndi Ake A Mulungu And Zonse Zikuchitika Pa Dziko Lapasi Zimawawawa .Eh Mangawa Ndi Anji Awa ? If U Go To Church Or Worship God U Shud Stop Coz Maganizo Oweruzawa Sachoka Kwa Iye Koma Oipawo.Kodi Mwakakamizidwa Kupemphera? Mmese Pakamwa Ndipanu? Osatchuka Ndikucomenta Zeru Za Anthu Amangawa Pomwe Mwakhala Okhulupika Wake Jwa Nthawi Yaitali Ndipo Sinu Ojudger But Its God Kwathu Mkupembedzera Maka Wokuchita Chabwino Ndiye .Mutokhala Ngati Inu Oyeresetsa Bwanji?Tonse Tinachimwa Pakuti Tinaperewera Pa Ulemerero Wake .Opemphera Apemphere Osafuna Akhale.

    1. I Tell U My Inlaw Coz Thats The Work Of Christians But No Devil Cant Do This Coz His Work Is To Steal To Kill And To Destroy So How Can They Sympathise Or Rejoice With Their Friends And Every Tree Is Known By Its Fruit .

  14. Wen your head is empty keep quite and don’t demonstrate your ignorance in public. Who said people didn’t sympathise when Kenya and Nigeria each time they are attacked? Koma mbuzi zina eish!

  15. ha ha its kod munaika request yot anthu apange change or provision??kkkkk where does Facebook originate ??? u guys create a social netwek from here africa n ppo ll do the same! ppo r not Happy to see our brothers dying mmmm !!!!

  16. Guys many people died in Nigeria, Libya, Somalia, Rwanda…….. And many parts of Africa……. We never did a thing like this……. Why is that when a white man dies……. It concerns the whole world but when a black man dies….. We just bury him evn wth no ceremony…… Africa this white men will rule u forever unless u wake up…… #long_live_Mugabe

  17. Just cant do such a stupid thing!…let it to mentally challenged ones…am even smarter myself for that!….How many Africans Have Died of Attacks?…We are all Humans! dont be silly,stupid and Racists!

  18. Shud we say that death is different in europe and africa?No matter probms we have here in africa,lets change mindset of sayng europeans are the ones starting wars in our territories.mmm we are the ones coz of poverty and stupdity.

  19. ndinu ovutikisitsa mumene mulilimo moreover the fone mkutisokoserapa siso fone yoti ingalozedwe then coming up with ever stupid c

  20. little knowledge is always dangerous that’s y u come up with that senseless. obscene language only shows ur ignorance

  21. Strange. People are mourning and others say please don’t! because you didn’t do for others in the past. Whew!. I think the best approach is advising us to mourn for everyone too while we mourn for these

  22. If terrorist came and terrorise our mother land will France and the rest of the world help us in mourning??? People are dying everyday in the middle east have we take time to pray for them? Why France? Why Paris only????

  23. YOU CANT ARGUE WITH A FOOL but im callin u to OPEN your eyes pple, that killin is different wit wat we had here or about kenyan or nigerian, that Paris attack is leading the world to WW3 and more innocent blood will shade including urs, pple who are changing their profiles to me its stupidity,they will stop caring soon. PRAY FOR YOURSELVES NOT FOR PARIS CUZ IF WW3 BROKE OUT LOTTA THINGS GONNA CHANGE FOR YOUR LIFE.

  24. i dont see what this fuss is all about noone has been forced to put the flag of france as their profile pic its by ones own will for the ones who dont know what it feels to lose a loved one it hurts thats why we’re showing sympathy as christians we’re told to love one another but theirs only hate and you wonder why there is no peace in this world

  25. As far as descendants of ishmael, son of Abraham keep on living in europe, these acts of terrorism will continue. Allowing them to live is like taming snakes.

  26. Did U Mourn Wen Our Fellow Malawians Were Affected By Floods And Did U Mourn Wen 200 Female Students Were Kidnaped In Nigeria? Then Y France, Just Because They R Rich? Infact They Deserve It How Many People Have They Killed Ndika Organisation Kawo Ka NATO!

  27. let those who want to mourn, mourn in peace. and tisiyeni amene tasintha our profile to France flag. it’s a choice not by force. democracy

    1. Ellen, no one is forcing someone to or not. All we are doing is give our opinions, and ask questions. Asking questions does not in its escence mean condemning someone for thier views rather questioning the logic behind the defence and position. Am baffled because others have reiterated that we are condenming, which is not what i think it is. If someone would say people are perishing due to starvetion in Limbuli few of us would be on fb calling for help, but if that was happening right in the heart of Lilongwe everyone would be all over social media making noise. I appreciate what france has done in africa, fighting rebels i.e Mali, and the magnitude of those pouring out their hearts is not wrong, but should be the same if it happens somewhere else. And do you know that france has gone to syrian towns to bomb strongholds of Isil and think of who is gonna get bombed more”kids-women”. Am not less concerned with event am touched as well with that magnitude loss of life.

  28. amalawi kutengeka ndi zilizise ku Nageria ndi kenya anapangidwa attack inu munaliphe nde zaku France zikukhuzani chani????

  29. Its the muslems,coz they believe that when someone dies on war,he will go in heaven.What kind of believe and religon is this?.The whole world is doomed because of the blood shed done by the muslems.0ooh!! My Lord, let those who are supporting this religion financially or joining it be cused and doomed,

  30. France ndi dzikoso lomwe likusonkhozera nkhondo muno mu Africa like ku DRC, Sudan, Central African Republic ndi mayiko ena. Mayiko azawo anthu akamaphedwa amawona ngati ndi nkhuku pa sadaka eti. Ayisova sanati zida zija amakayesela ku Mali, DRC ndi CAR pano ayesele mwawo momo.

  31. Funso ndi loti, why sympathizing with France? Ku Nigeria, and many places in Africa, hundreds are being slaughtered by the merciless terrorists like Boko Haram but you have never showed any solidarity with them.Some are claiming France gives us development support which am not buying. There is nothing tangible that France is doing in Malawi. Nkhani ndi yoti a Malawi timatengeka ndi za ku Europe.

  32. Escom, give us electricity so that we watch tv. We hear about France, what happened. We’re completely cut off.

  33. Escom, give us electricity so that we watch tv. We hear about France, what happened. We’re completely cut off.

  34. Am not mourning them and I’ll never,am mourning people of Syria,Israel,Iraq,Afghanstan,Libya,Somalia,Kenya and Nigeria

  35. No qualms,my gut feeling is that you do not tell anyone to mourn a particular death because the underlying reasons why one mourns the departed are an inner feeling. I want to believe that most people who are standing in solidarity with France have varied reasons for doing so not necessarily because it’s France. could be this time around a platform is made available to condemn the horrendous act, could be people can’t really comprehend that a group calling itself religious can without remorse unleash such barbaric acts on innocent souls just like it happened. could be some people believe in the Bible so much that they simply want to practice Godliness ’mourn with those that mourn and rejoice with those that are rejoicing’So really I do not see issues where one decides to stand with France without race,religious, creed ,nationality inclinations

  36. Freedom of expression the birth right of all, no one is forced to mourn with the French. If you think is not worth to do so its better to keep quite rather than critising everything. Everyone has a right to do what he/she knows to be right.

  37. Iam not mourn either how special they,re? Im just mourn de ppl who dont hav mourners lik syrians, praying dem dat god must giv dem strength in dis terible tym.

  38. f**k whites if shit happens to them they take it globally if shit happen to Africans they say we are heart less..

  39. has anyone of you ever changed aprofile pic 4 syria,? Nigeria,? Congo? hahaha WTF cnt do the shit. but still may their souls rest in peace, cox death leaves aheartache no one can heal. but you all should knw that pple are dying everyday chfukwa cha nkhondo, but no one is there to help.

  40. Amalawi osadandaula ndika nkhani kochepa ngati aka, mwangothandiza kulira thru updating pro pic with a French flag, koma malawi ikavutika mwina France imapeleka ndalama kuchokera ku misonkho ya anthu awo, ena mwa iwo ndi awa aphedwa ndi ma terrorist.

  41. Thinking of 148 Garrissa University in Kenya of very young innovative innocent students???? And what did the world do??? Forgotten story! Sigh

  42. Ask mark zukerburg maybe he’s the one who instructed his workers to put this France flag for us to use on our pro pics in respect of the fallen 119 people who lost their lifes in Paris. If u say we malawians we’re easily Carries away ur wrong coz to send condolence massage is another way of showing that ur human enough who can fill the pain of ur neighbours or friends death. Ngati mulibe chisoni mudzipembedza satana or i shld say ndinu a satanic. There’s no need to compare death whether its Nigeria , Burundi , September 11, or France wat u shld know is that death pains thats all. Wat if this happens to malawi? Will u stop people from sending condolences ?????

    1. Useless how many people are getting bombed in somalia, central african republic.. Just because of the french government… Wake up people

    2. @Chaz. U can’t compare Somalia and France, France is a super power just like USA , Germany or Russia, thats y obama spoke about it just few hours after the attack. Obama can’t come to Somali’s state funeral but he can go to France state funeral kkkkk if u hav brains u got wat i mean. Wake up bra.

    3. yu say death pains…if Malawi was the one attacked would hv France and the rest of the world send their condolences? If yes why cant they do it to other African countries hu are at war? and the middle east countries people dying everyday? #wakeupbra

    4. @Evance. Chomwe mungadziwe ndichoti malilo akwa nfumu nde amanveka patali. France is one of the country which is ruling the world thats y they’re called super powers, and for that reason thats y u see countries like USA r also concerned coz they’re in the same level (super powers) . Malawi is too far from them so its rare for our problems to be felt or recognized on a world level. Malilo anthu angakhale ngati a munthu wamba osati ngati anfumu. Kaya mwandinva??? #wakeupopenureyes.

    5. Am not sure whether we are waken up or brainwashed… We are all equal billy.. We all know what to loose a kin is like… So if its sympathy its to be shown to everyone whether super power or third world… My point is we All need a prayer so lets start with the ones that have suffered at a vast rather than a few hundreds

    6. But i think u’ve seen how the world treat us they dont attend to our problems like how they do to their fellow super powers. Thats y u see mark zukerburg instructed his workers to put France flag as DP filter coz he care about those big name countries not Africa.

  43. People are being slewn daily here in malawi,albinos,mens private parts,kids being raped lets pray against these evils,#charity begins åt home

  44. I do not support terrorism in any way!…Deep condolences to the families that have lost their relatives in this tragedy…. However,i feel cheated on how the world is responding to the tragedy in France…we needed this solidarity when Libya was bombed in the pretext of dealing with terrorism!…… can we all raise our hands and say no to bombings/interventions that have escalated in Siria for the past 5 years where civilians are killed each & everyday….can we all avoid shading a blind eye oñ what’s happening between the Palestinians and the Israelis,…can we all stand and condemn a recent bombing in Lebanon that has claimed lives of innocent civilians!..Once again nobody should celebrate any bloodshed in any way…Remember, the world will only enjoy the *Power Of Love* if it eliminates the *Love for Power*!……

  45. France yapambana chiyani? Why don’t you mourn 4 those who have being blasted everyday in palestina? aren’t they human beings?

  46. Some of the stupid comments are based on a religion that encourage its followers to do such unacceptable behaviour…. So these mambas are here to show their colours because a person who knows how hard it is for the families that lost their loved ones feels at this sad moment won’t come here and start comparing with what happened to their demonic possessed so called leaders.

  47. Ine mafaransa ndi mango wayang’ a ali ndi phuma kwambiri akangomva kwakuti kulinkhondo kale anyamula zida zawo kumadzayesela kwa ma khafiri.Chimene mungadziwe ntchentche yopupuluma ina kumana ndi manyi, simunati akubwelanso amaliwongo

  48. show umunthu guys….all they ask is to show that we care not paying…mwinanso m’modzi mwa ophedwawo anapangapo contribute ku ma donation timalandirawa…..what is happening to this God fearing nation??

    1. do they help us when we need help….its like we need to show them that we also care about them..not just receiving their help

  49. amene akufuna mourn amene siakufunaso akhale……dont attack us ngat tikupangira maphone anu….its our rights

  50. Bro #Marc, just present ur arguments without using foul language, pple will stl get you. When these pple help us, they are paying back wat they stole from us. Infact its not help. Normally in Africa when they come to help, they also get valuable resources back to their countries. Our forefathers built their countries thru slavery.

  51. I know that when tribulations are going worse Jesus too is close to come mourn with mourners’ pray hard help pure love everybody & ready to meet our lord.

  52. How many lives has Boko Halaam claimed in Nigeria?? Have we ever heard People of France sympathising with Nigeria or indeed Africa??

  53. So if we don’t stick our noses into the Paris terror(which is condemned) you mean MSF will stop its projects? Funny indeed. Our fathers in KAR fought a war they didn’t know about.

  54. Western europe & USA are seen themselves as only pple existing on this earth. Killings of pple in other parts of the world is not a concern to them. Behind them is a certain selfish church which want to rule the world through religion hence weakening other religions’ teachings first by introducing strange human rights. NOTE: I personally do not support any act of terrorism.

    1. This is irrelevant right now..raise your points wisely…Paris doesn’t care about Malawi,they don’t even know we exist…you should be showing such solidarity on your fellow Malawians..don’t be a sell out

    2. No…I am my friend…you need to come home and see what’s going on…but until then I don’t think you understand my line of thinking

    3. Oh wow!! This is ridiculous….Would one really say the French never stand with us in time of need? Mtima osayamika ndi osagwirizikanika ndi onyansa

    4. Anthu oipa awa don’t mind them. They are in Malawi have eyes but blind. Apite ku Chiradzulu ngakhale osaphunzila akawauza za Medecins Sans Frontieres.

    5. Marc, it doesnt require someone to go to Chiradxulu to know about Doctors Without Borders (medecins Sans Frontiers). The problems we have are HATE, Inferiorty complex and ignorance. Empty vessels make alot of noises.

    6. Eeeee ndipo zundimvetsa chisoni tikamapanda kuyamika thandizo lomwe akupereka a MSF mmm they can go to Chiradzulu and Thyolo even here in Mwanza we’re receiving other services from MSF nde if u dont know what they are doing in our country you could have to be silent rather than kumangotokota usakudziwa

  55. We condemn terror of any kind, but the Paris thing is a European thing, Facebook should put up a french flag app . #isis hit Lebanon yesterday, Europe is quite. Boko haram ,all shabab are killing innocent people,Europe is quite. It even supported over throws in egypit and Libya, cerebrating when African kills African. Life has been lost ,we condemn this maffia thing, but don’t drag Africa in a European war,like the last world wars

  56. Some of your comments are not very nice,I lived in Malawi for a long time I always respected your people same of them are still in contact with us,we live in France now and I am very desappointed,youshould’nt compare!!!!!!

    1. Anne,u Know It Take A Person Who Has The Spirit Of God Inside His/her Heart To Know That It’s Not A Time To Exchange Words Here,but To Pray For Each Other,just Put Them In God’s Hands And Pls I Ask U To Let A Heart To Forgive.

    2. haha am not with you sis ….why do we chose to ignore the violence in the middle east that is claiming lives by the minute…….why should we really be more concerned with france so does it mean that people who experience the same travails that you have encountered in syria etc are inferiors compared to the people in france??? bullshit #pathetic mentality

    3. have nigerians called for solidarity to the world,?,killing each other in those countries u are mentioning here,killing killing is their way of living,if they could have humbled themselves and ask the world to intervene in whether in prayers,e.t.c.their countries who knows,they could be at peace,dont be emotional,if u dont want to sympathise,jst shut open,it holds no hold,,

    4. we are not with you and we will never be with you…The french are hypocrites …they are the ones who were arming rebels in syria to topple assad ..and that funding led to isis grooming the people who have come back to bomb you in your france.

    5. we are not with you and we will never be with you…The french are hypocrites …they are the ones who were arming rebels in syria to topple assad ..and that funding led to isis grooming the people who have come back to bomb you in your france.

  57. Bvuto ndiloti amalawi ambiri ndi mbuzi zosazindikira. Kodi kutagwa chikuku adathandiza ndi ndani si (MSF) Medecins Sans Frontieres France? Adamanga Chirazulu Hospital ndindani? Adathandiza ku Karonga ndi ndani? Amathandiza kukagwa miliri yamatenda ndindani? Ask Ministry of Healthy you fools!

    1. #marc ey watch ua mouth! cox u must be afool uaself. wat has happened in paris is bad, yea i gree.. and may their souls rest in peace. but you knw what?? people are dyin evryday esp in syria.. children are suffering there, no food, no parents, no education.. have u ever mourn 4those pple?? No! what has happened in paris, zangochtka tsiku limodzi, but go to other countries, its happening everyday! if i were you, iwould not judge or call anyone afool. and yea you said ndiochepa amene ali ozindkira m’Malawi mmhhm u must be one of those pple ali osazindikirawo.

    2. I think u are talking out of ignorant #Ruthie go back to the post and re-read it if it is talking about Syria or other countries….the post is talking about Malawi is it is necessary for malawians to mourn them. We are benefiting so much we as malawians from Paris. Idiot!

    3. someone has created a platform yoti we show kuti takhudzidwa ndi zochitika za ku Paris nd we r showing it….france is our ally nd we benefit a lot from them we have to show symphathy to them………in the same way ngati wakhudzidwa ndi zochitika ku nigeria,syria,lebanon etc….y dnt u jst as a token of some help create a page or do something else here on facebook anthu will surely follow suit…than kumangobwebwetukapo apa………

    4. Mayiko amenewa ndiamene akusonkhozera nkhondo muno mu Africa ngati ku DRC, Central African Republic ndi Sudan. Kuno anthu akamaphedwa amaona nkhuku zapasadaka eti.. Ayisova ine ndiye ayi.

  58. We have to mourning for them but not to put our Mouth on that. We trust on God of Israel.that’s why we didn’t involved to the pillar in soud Arabia where the divil stoned every year. Lo

  59. They are getting what they sow, if they plant peace they harvest it, if they plant a 9mm bullet,they get it as well

  60. 180 dead and you are acting French? How many did we lose on Napolo and recent floods? Our fellow Africans in Congo, somalia and Nigeria are dying every day. French soldiers killed and raped our brothers n sisters in Congo, central Africa republic and in Libya and you are here changing your pics for France ? Hypocritical thinking

    1. I fil bitter guys why malawians why africa we hav so many problems in africa coz of western governments and they ar plundering our gold, silve diamond,oil and other nature resources and france oz the first nation to bomb Libya and its allies and the killed Gadafih they did the same to Iragi afughanistan nw they ar in syria supporting terrorist to kill president assad I cant change my profile lets fight for mother africa and mother to be financially independent tisakhalebe mmikhwapa mwa azungu we ar worshipping criminals coz of greedy

    2. I fil bitter guys why malawians why africa we hav so many problems in africa coz of western governments and they ar plundering our gold, silve diamond,oil and other nature resources and france oz the first nation to bomb Libya and its allies and the killed Gadafih they did the same to Iragi afughanistan nw they ar in syria supporting terrorist to kill president assad I cant change my profile lets fight for mother africa and mother to be financially independent tisakhalebe mmikhwapa mwa azungu we ar worshipping criminals coz of greedy

  61. Did any malawian mourn when scores of innocent student lives were cut short in Kenya @Garrissa University 147 students???students???and did any malawian mourn when twin bombs went off in Lebanon killing more than 50 leaving more than 200 wounded???does any malawian mourn kids bombed everyday in syria???did any malawian mourn when a hospital was blown off..bombed in afghanistan that left patients, guardians dead more than100 lives???am concerned too about paris, but check brothers in somalia and we are struggling housing their pple at zaleka, arent there many examples????is this abt special people and suspects where even a malawian doeznt even know he is a suspect in his own land???? Mute!

    1. we hav so many problems in africa coz of western gvts they ar supporting terrorism and plundering our resources they hav killed thousands of innocent people in africa and in the middle east for there own interest I cant change my profile we ar worshipping the criminals coz of greedy viva africa viva mother africa I cant change my profile

    2. we hav so many problems in africa coz of western gvts they ar supporting terrorism and plundering our resources they hav killed thousands of innocent people in africa and in the middle east for there own interest I cant change my profile we ar worshipping the criminals coz of greedy viva africa viva mother africa I cant change my profile

  62. They cant keep killing innocent people in libya, palestine, syria, iraq, afghan…. and expect to have peace in there countries. What goes around comes around.#justsaying#

  63. The syrians are leaving their country because of their bombings, there are about 250, 0000 people lost their lives in syria and over million people died in Iraq because of these selfish busterds, so what is so special about them?

  64. talk like u a man of humanity. when there is desasters here in malawi like floods, its france and other european countries which assisted those peaple in need of assistance.almost half of donation comes from europe to malawi when we have desasters. so its important to pay tribute to those who has died in france.

  65. lets mourn with the French (we are already indoctrinated – look at how we fall prey to their soccer leaving our league games uncared for) kkkkkkk

    1. So the whole Malawi nation has to mourn just because they aided us at some point? Nde tidzilira maliro ammayiko angati? Just because they are rich & they can help us doesn’t mean we have to always cry with them. In all fairness, we were supposed to be treated in a similar way when we lost hundreds of our dears due to floods months ago.

  66. What about them when they kill innocent syrians and helping US to bomb Iraq Afghangstan and killing innocent people, they deserve it, they must stop intervining in some other country’s issues.

    1. we d’ont kill innocents peoples but terrorists, be glad to live far away,but d’ont forget that it might happen to you one day!we lived in Africa long enough to know what and when it could happen no one is safe with islamic people. Think before writing such things…

  67. If there is proof they did the same when floods killed more than that in Malawi theni will fall prey to their propaganda

  68. I don’t understand every corner of these terrorits,they kill people and leave their families and children suffering behind,those victims were innocent indeed,some of them were at the party,somebody just come in and shoot,this is nosense and drastic measures need to be taken immediately,

  69. Aaaaaaaaaaaa Useless do they cry with us when we r in trouble sympathise wat how about Palestine disasters n Japan wats so special with France HUUUUKO

  70. We live in a global village. Events in Europe or indeed any part of planet earth can easily affect us in Malawi. The Lord encourages everyone to be less selfish and pray for one another.

  71. Only 120pple???…. We lost more than that during floods in nsanje. Nigeria lost more pple due to boko haram attack. Hw special is France??

  72. Only 120pple???…. We lost more than that during floods in nsanje. Nigeria lost more pple due to boko haram attack. Hw special is France??

    1. et man hw special z france? at mpaka ndsinthe profile pic yanga to raise their flag. many pple r dying with de sem ussues of bombings in many african countries and the middle east. no one says anything… n they want us malawians to mourn for them? thats.ridiculous n selfish. we have our problems that we hv to look up to…not theirs and i totally disagree getting us involved. atisiye nafe tli nd mavto athu ot tlilire apa….

    2. tikuizwa msf… so u min tlire coz we hav msf in malawi? cant u even see n hear hw our country n our friends in dfferent coutries around the world r suffering bcoz of the same pple?? try to follow staf axie or otherwise ma profile pic muasintha simunati…
      even iwe ndne kuphedwa nd bomba.. no one wl care n they cant mourn for u.. only ur fellow malawians will do dat

    3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
      Im still mourning the great triangle slave trade, Libya invasion, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, palistine. Can someone wipe my tears for that. An injury to one is an injury to all.
      France is not special, we are all human beings.

  73. The issue here is “TERRORIST” attacks, which has affected innocent lives all over the world and invaded the whole world including Africa. A real tragedy but one which we can not easily get out of because of their cowardly attacks! May their souls rest in peace and may God comfort the families affected.

    1. I think you are mixing everything, if you fight hunger& financial problems its the fault of your government,it was’nt like that when President Banda was there, I d’ont know now but it was a fantastic country.

  74. Mourn for themselves here. And please don’t try to show IS that you are in absolute support with France as if,if they attack us,we will be able to handle them.

    1. worry out dear blv only in ur God.don’t afraid for those kill the body have nothing to do with it but fear the one who has control of ur spirit (God)

  75. There’s reason for us to put the national flag of France as our profile pics. If it was Malawians who would bother changing their profile pics for our flag. Let’s not act like kids.

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