Malawian father rapes own daughter


His wife might not be satisfying him in bed, but for 42 year old Malawian man identified as Blackson Mhone it is time to turn to his 4 year old daughter when her mother is away.

At the moment, Mhone is on remand at Nkhatabay  prison awaiting to answer trial for incest.

sexual-assault-symbolWhile confirming the development, Police publicist for the district Sergeant Ignatius Esau said the suspect forcefully made love to the victim in absence of his wife who had gone to her village.

Esau went on to specify that the  act happened between 02/11/2015 and 05/11/2015 within Chinguluwe area in the district.

“After the wife came she noticed her daughter having difficulties to sit and walk. After asking her, she fingered her father as the one who sexually abused her,” said Esau.

He added that upon hearing the news, the wife, Fanny Mhone,32 reported the matter to Police who nabbed the suspect on incest charges.

The victimized daughter was referred to Nkhatabay district hospital where it was confirmed that she was indeed sexually abused.

Esau maintained that the suspect will appear in court soon to answer incest charges which goes contrary to section 157 of the penal code.

The minimum sentence for such act is rotting in jail for 5 years sweating with hard labour.

The suspect hails from Nthulinga village tradition authority Timbili in Nkhatabay district.



  1. Nthawi zina ana nawo amaonjeza mavalidwe, ndipaka m’dala kuona kusintha pa mwana wake! Bola akhale ndi mimba mtsikana ameneyo.

  2. Zachitika ku Nkhata Bay. Mhone apa nde wamputa dala Billy Ngosi. Ngati sulandira 32 yrs ndi mwayitu. Milandu yako yiyenera ku khala iwiritu: 1>mwana wang’ono 2> mwana wobereka wekha. Wukhaula uonanso.

  3. Ayi i dont like the title, some guy googles Malawian and he finds this article what would he say? Malawi is a big place to start with, you should have found mawu ena to replace “Malawian”.

  4. The woman is to blame! She’s the root cause of this evil act.
    Sentence: Father=Castration plus life in prison.
    Mother=Tubal ligation plus life in Tavern.

  5. Yayi wachita zamene afuna bt chilengesa nawo wan vovwala kuchita kuwonesa sinthani mavalidwe osati nkhokola pa bwalo ngati mawaya otungila vitumbuwa

    • #chihana, kwanuko zimaonjeza kwambiri, komanso sindingachite manyazi ngati wagwilirayo ndi ntundu wanga, ochita manyazi ndinuyo chifukwa zagwa mnyumba mwanu, tava zaku balaka kwawo nkulu ameneyo nku mzimba, ine kwathu nyansi zimenezi nzanavepo, uwafuse a malawi 24 anaikapo post yoti kunsanje wina wagwilira mwana wa 4 yrs? Aituluse tione, zachulukira kwanukomweko .

  6. “His wife might not be satisfying him in bed…” This is a sexist view of this issue. Men don’t rape woman because of sexual satisfaction, they rape woman because society protects rapists, justify their actions just like this news page i doing, and also because there’s this culture of misogyny and prejudice against woman. Men believe they have the right to force sex and can justify rape. This is rape and incest, criminal activities that should be punishable by castration or even life in prison.

  7. Akazi onsewa man ? Vuto lanu ndi chani ? Mpaka mwana obala nokha eishh !!!! 4life imprison plz plz yekhayo tisazamuonetso tikabwela pamalawipo

    • A mere decade is not enough. By the time he comes out, the baby will be 11 or 12 years old. More tempting for him than before. The beast deserves five+ decades!

  8. This kind of plactises is cmng big now maybe gvt is nt doing enough abt this Moron”give him severe punishment so that some local pipo who do this mat gt a lesson,bt wt apitty n’shameful 4this 4yrs old girl,he hv killed her baby’s future

  9. Dammn….u wil rot in hell…coz dats wea u belong…..eatin up ur on flesh n blood dats insane….giv him hrd tym at de jail….akumane ndimabuli azake kumeneko…….

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