ACB officials still living in fear

Egritta Ndala
Ndala; Njauju’s death left scars on ACB officials.

It is now five months since the death of Malawi’s Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director of the Corporate Affairs, Issa Njauju who was brutally murdered in July this year.

However, his death left scars to the remaining ACB officials as they are living in fear that they might be the next target.

Njauju was murdered when he was going home from work and he was found half buried near the presidential villas in Lilongwe.

Senior Public Relations Officer at ACB Egrita Ndala said they are working normally but still living in fear that the attackers who murdered Issa Njauju might seek them as the next target.

“We are working normally because we are mandated to do so but we are still living in fear that we might be the next target,” said Ndala.

Police revealed that the murder of Njauju was connected to the investigations of the plundering of taxpayers’ money at the capital hill.

So far, police have arrested only one person in connection with the murder.



  1. why afraid l thought that is what you applied for resign and join politics

  2. APM anamchotsa Atupere ku internal affairs atawona kuti afufuza mpaka apeze ma culprit. BOMA LAKUPHA ILI.

  3. We don’t think that the government is serious , there are more questions than answers . Why is the government failing to involve the NIB under Dausi to investigate this case , if the government has failed to use our very known NIB to investigate the Njauju murder then they should hire CIA or Scotland Yard?

  4. DPP the Malawi’s version of Hamas which literally means Violence

  5. “his body was found near presidential villa” pple residing around the scene must be the first to be interrogated. ACB workers should work like soldiers or else must resign

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