Pool Party claims life of an innocent fun seeker

death bed

A 20 year old man in Malawi’s commercial city of Blantyre has died after drowning at Dorvic Hotel swimming pool after the Pool Party event, Malawi24 has learnt.

The deceased, Netsoa Phiri died after drowning when he was swimming while drunk, police say.

death bedIn confirming the development to Malawi24 , Blantyre Police assistant public relation officer Grace Mwale said a worker at the hotel reported the matter to police having seen the body float on the pool waters.

“An accountant at the hotel, Marsha Zuze reported that they found a man dead in the swimming pool after a Pool party that was organized by some youth grouping in Blantyre” said Mwale.

Postmortem results from Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) revealed that the deceased died due to asphyxia (a condition arising when the body is deprived of oxygen, causing unconsciousness or death; suffocation.)

Phiri hailed from M’dala village, Traditional Authority (TA) Mtwalo in Mzimba district.



  1. I understand this was the second party organised after the first one
    Nthawi yake ndi malo ake zinali zomwezo,thats y they had to organise another pool party just for him,,so pathetic
    Rest in Peace young man,,,,,

  2. Nobody knows de cause of his death…..who has de evidence dat he waw drunk?…mwina ena amugwilwgwila ndikumponyamo…….lets not judge

  3. iiiiii RIP boy… kulibwino kumasambira mu pool ya ana tikalezera.. or kumasakha chimozi to drink and not swim, or to swim and not drink

  4. Ladies and gentlemen if you are wise enough start your own page,otherwise leave Malawi24 for we who’r very happily with their services.

  5. Chonde ma journalist zitipatsani nkhani mwachangu komanso mwadongosolo. Sibwino kutipatsa nkhani yoti inachitika kale anthu anaiwala. Kapena mulibe antolankhani mumangoyendera yothaima pa page ina?

  6. Why don’t the pool owners hire ma rescuers kuti,they should be around when such partys are taking place to avoid such incidences. RIP

    1. This is a total lie my be they want to dent the image of dorvic hotel,i tell u why,because myself was a cop administrering security over that place on that material day, get it from me this didnt happen there.

    1. He Dies While Alive…The Owner Is The Death Source…Drunker Alwayz Interpret Bad Thingz To Gud Thingz..Automaticaly Its No One To Be Blamed Bcoz He Killed Himself!

    2. need deliverance huh???????man there things u feel xory for bt there others u dnt!!!swimming while drunk??is dat applicable?# ahamad

    3. god has arleady shown me mercy!!!even if t was my bro kmab nzofuna!!ts da same as kukalowa mmazi momwe ukuziwa kti muli ng’ona,kudyedya pamenepo ungamati kti sumaziwa??#maria

    4. god has arleady shown me mercy!!!even if t was my bro kmab nzofuna!!ts da same as kukalowa mmazi momwe ukuziwa kti muli ng’ona,kudyedya pamenepo ungamati kti sumaziwa??#maria

  7. We attended the burial ceremony at Matchere Village some 6km from Engucwini on Engucwini-Madisi road. It was really sad. MHRIP.

  8. I’m quite sure this happened last weekend. This story has no reference as to when the individual drowned. Please improve your journalism skills

  9. the messages r spread dat we shud avoid swimmng while drunk koma kusamva kudzitiphetsa choncho anyway rest in peace

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  10. Rest in peace,,, death comes easy but life is hard…. It doesnt matter u died drunk but evr1 has a chance to get to heaven…. Rest in Peace bra

  11. Rest in peace. So Dorvic Hotel has an Ocean like pool taking from the picture shown

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