Beast strikes Malawian child to death


policeA beast suspected to be a crocodile earlier this week killed 14 year old Blessings Phiri while he was fishing in Lufupa River near Lake Malawi in Nkhatabay district, police say.

Nkhatabay Police say the deceased in the company of his friends went fishing at the river and while fishing a crocodile suddenly zapped and dragged him into water.

According to police, his friends reported the tragedy to parents and other villagers who launched a marine search and they found the body.

To their shock, they noticed that the beast chopped two legs of the deceased which made some people assume that the beast might be a crocodile.

Police in the district have since sounded a warning to people to avoid fishing or swimming in places infested with crocodiles in a bid to avoid the recurrence of such accidents.

The deceased hailed from Iteta village traditional authority Fukamapiri in Nkhatabay.



  1. Let’s start selling this animals they are many now ,their skins are very important .Malawi these are animals to export .

  2. Koma Nkhani Ngati Zimenezi Zikuchulukira Kwambili M’madera A Mchigwa Cha Shire Omwe Amakonda Kupha Somba M’mitsinje Yomwe Mumakonda Kuswana Kwambili Ng’ona Ndi Zilombo Zina Zolusa.

    Apolisi Komanso Mafumu Am’maderawa Akuyenera Kulangiza Anthu Za Kuyipa Kopha Soma M’mayiwe Omwe Mumakonda Ng’ona Kuti Aziyesetsa Kukhala Anthu Angapo Kuopa Wina Kuphedwa Ndi Zilombozi.

    Nzimu Wake Uwuse Mtendele.RIP

  3. Xory to u pple arround that river dnt ringer again along that death sattion!

  4. Sorry lad,parents take care of your children to avoid such accidents.

  5. my grandpa is from that area and that river nkhani zake ndizomwezo za ng’onazo and I wonder why parents are allowing their children to go to that river,anyway rip young boy

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