Village headman locked in for injuring a man


Malawi Police in Nkhatabay have arrested a group village headman in the district for allegedly being suspected to have injured a man with a shotgun locally known as “Namgogodera” on the forehead.

According to Nkhatabay police spokesperson, Sergeant Ignatius Esau, the suspect has been identified as group village headman Ngumbo whose real name is Godwil Chirwa and the victim has been identified as Nevason Juramu.

Arrested.Esau says the village headman sold a certain piece of land in the area to one of the victim’s relatives who hired Juramu to start cultivating the area for him ahead of the rainy season.

Esau said last Friday Juramu started clearing the land as commanded by one of his relatives in preparation for the growing season.

He said the village headman then sent a message to the owner of the farm to leave the piece of land for him but the owner of the farm refused.

“Later, the headman went into his house and took his shot gun which he used to injure Juramu on his forehead.

“This prompted people’s anger who rushed to the scene to man-handle the village headman but the police quickly arrived,” said Esau.

Esau said the police arrested the suspect on the spot and the victim was admitted at Chintheche hospital in the district.

The village headman Ngombo, 51 who will soon appear before court to answer charges of injuring a man and illegal possession of the shotgun.

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  1. that firearm wasn’t discharged on the man.i totally refuse! he was hit with a pipo how powerful that gun is?

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  4. Gogodera ? Injuring a man on the the forehead,the same gogodera can kill an an elephant if aimed at the forehead.That man have got the strongest skull so far.

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