Opposition parties call for action on Deputy Speakers

Joseph Njobvuyalema

Opposition parties in Malawi have called the Speaker of Nation Assembly to act on two deputy speakers who were unlawfully claiming house rent from the public purse.

According to an investigation, the two, Clement Chiwaya and Esther Chilenje, stay in their houses where they  are entitled to K250 000 per month as house allowance.

However, they were getting K550 000 every month on the pretext that they were staying in rented houses.

Joseph Njobvuyalema
Njobvuyalema: Wants action.

Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya says the law is silent on how to deal with stray speakers or deputy speakers.

Msowoya further said the power to discipline the speaker and deputy speakers rests with the National Assembly.

In reaction, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) veteran politician Joseph Njobvuyalema called on the speaker to act accordingly.

“This is an administrative issue, I don’t think someone should be in dilemma because of this matter,” said Njobvuyalema.

However, People’s Party (PP) leader in Parliament Uladi Mussa said the two should refund the money they have been unlawfully claiming.

Parliamentary Service Commission(PSC) wrote  the two that they will be getting K250,000 a month with effective September.

Legal expert, Justin Dzonzi has since argued that the resolution by PSC would be a great disservice to taxpayers if it means merely correcting the anomaly without imposing extreme measures.

Dzonzi further said the two should be impeached following their “criminal offences by their action”.



  1. Easy pipo bwana wakupatsa siyinirani pepela ya contract yanu iyi and they have written housing allowance K550 not indicating any extension statement you just sign ,palibe nkhani apa koma wopereka contractual letter yo sananene kkkkkkk anthuwa sanalakwe

  2. Our corruption Bureau is doing its work to remain silent . In other countries they do have Anticorruption Bureau which also do their work by bring wrong to book and conclude their cases look Bakilis k1.7B . Kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  3. 1.The both resign or
    2.They must be impeached and
    3.Thy must be prosecuted just like other cash gate cases

  4. A bale ndalama sikhutika ndithu ndinkazi yemwe kuba. Mlandu woseketsa thiefty by crook


  6. What you have forgotten is that you have not seen the conditions of their service. Some of us whom have seen them we believe the Parliamentary service failed the country

    1. Very very true. People should comment based on what is written on paper as their conditions. What the Nation Newspaper quoted as the right figure is NOT supported in any way by the existing written down condition of service of the 2 deputies. But what they were receiving was properly communicated to them in writing. Why cant people wait for the ACB to conclude its investigations before making such judgements?

  7. ngati mp wapezeka ndi mulandu u mp wo umayenera kutha pompo. Ndiposo akuyenere kukakhala zaka 7 osachita ndale. Lucius Chimdampamba Banda adalandilapo chilango chotere. Awiriwa apalamula mulandu uja pa chisungu amati theft by trick. Amangidwe basi.

  8. ACB says it is still investigating?What is it investigating since Parliamentary Service Committee(PSC)has already found these two in the wrong??????

  9. Agree with Mr. Dzonzi. They should be impeached for dishonesty. If there was a mistake, one would have expected the speakers to voluntarily advise the paying office of such a mistake but they opted to remain silent. The integrity of these two deputy speakers is highly questionable.

  10. Deputy speakers were robbing malawian daylight, claiming money that belongs not to them its what we call stealing

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