New born baby stolen

Rhodha Manjolo
Rhodha Manjolo
Manjolo says police are still investigating.

Malawi police in the capital Lilongwe have launched a man hunt for a suspected thief who stole a new born baby boy at a hospital, officials say.

According to Rhoda Manjolo National police Publicist , the incident happened at Mntenthera health center in Kamphata village traditional authority Nathenje in the city.

She said that a 35 year old Mgwirizano Kambwiri of Masula village traditional authority Kalumbu in Lilongwe who is the mother to the baby, gave birth to the boy on 04 October 2015 and went to take a bath and realized the baby had gone missing when she came back.

Mrs Kambwiri later reported to hospital officials who later took the matter to police after a search around the health facility did not yield anything.

Malawi police is therefore appealing to the public especially those indulging themselves in these acts of stealing babies to stop forthwith.

“If we have problems in our families please lets depend upon the Lord, we have to believe in the provider who is God with Him all things are possible.” She added.



  1. Unconfirmed reports says mzimayi wakubayo wapezeka, she’s at Lilongwe Police, she hid the one day old baby in Dedza, at her sister’s place, came back Ku Lilongwe, n’kudzabanso wina wa 7 days Ku KCH, wagwidwa mu depot ku Lilongwe akuti adzikweranso bus…. And the sister had also reported the matter at Thete Police, Dedza.

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