Church prays for God’s intervention on Malawi Economic Crisis


Holy Trinity Revival Christian Church in Malawi last Friday held a night of prayer at its Chirimba Church aimed at praying for the country’s economy.

According to the Church, Malawi needs God’s hand to be freed from the social-economic hardships that Malawians are facing.

bibleHoly Trinity Revival Christian Church General Secretary Joseph Chimang’anga said as citizens of a God fearing nation, Malawians need to pray for God to ease their economic challenges.

“We asked for God’s intervention on the challenges that Malawians are facing, and we had prayers guided by the book of Romans 10 verse 13.

“As believers it is only God in heaven whom we worship who can take away the challenges” said Chimang’anga.

The Church has since invited other churches in the country to join them by holding prayers of their own.

Currently Malawi’s economy has been rocked by challenges as the local currency continues depreciating against major currencies, a development that has worried citizens in the country.

In a related development, leaders of African Tradition Religion say the challenges that have rocked the country are due to anger of Malawi’s ancestral spirits.

According to the leaders, spirits of m’bona among others are angry because people stopped offering sacrifices to them.



  1. Hve you noticed the fellow Muslem brothers on this one?? then why only the Bible image on the page as the main Headline of the artical? I’m just asking weather Muslims gte no right 4 decesion making of this Country..

    I think is aball point pen mistake but next time try to recorrect it b4 you post.

  2. Before you pray that Mutharika die,look at the cross is that underwear?Dress that man well and ask for mutharika to die

  3. Pena kuli bwino kupemphera Mulungu achiritse mitima ya Atsogoleri adyera; abodza; akuba ndi ozikonda.
    Atsogoleri ongodziwa kupeka manifesto and nkulephera kukwanilitsa izo ankalonjeza pamaso pa khamu la anthu ndi pamaso pa Mulungu mwini.
    Chifukwa yapa mayankho ake oti Mulungu ayankhe ngovutirapo nanga si ku engeenroom kwadzadzanso ziwanda zosolola.!

    1. du think God z happy wit dis monster mkumavutisa mtundu wamalawi??after all mavote anamenya mahustle hard,just wait heart attack # Baloyi,iwe palow,RIP I shud say ine advance

  4. How can God answer that prayer when peter is busy stealing?
    Better that cashgate woman she had passion to the malawians thanthis Gandu

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