Joyce Banda will lead PP to its decline – Analyst

Joyce Banda
Joyce Banda
Banda: Remains outside the country.

A Chancellor College based political scientist says former President Joyce Banda will lead Malawi ex governing People’s Party (PP) to its downfall if she continues to cling to power especially during the current party crisis.

This follows remarks from the party’s Provincial Chairman for the North Reverend Mzomera Ngwira who said the party is chronically sick.

Speaking to Malawi24, the political scientist Blessings Chinsinga faulted Banda for overstaying in her self-imposed exile saying her absence coupled with the current power struggle within the PP has completely weakened the party.

Chinsinga has since urged the former president to decide on whether to continue as party leader or not.

“Unless the party gives power to neutral people the current crisis rocking the party may live on and consequently it may take a rain check.

“Party authorities need to realise that it is high time they think about rebuilding the party and overlook what made them lose the 2014 elections while they were in power,” said Chinsinga.

Blessings Chinsinga
Chinsinga says Banda has overstayed abroad.

Last week, Ngwira told the press that it is unfortunate that some top officials are blocking his efforts to bring sanity to the party.

He urged fellow party officials to realise that the party needs urgent treatment hence his efforts to endorse Khumbo Kachali as interim leader.

“We need to inject some medicine to the party which is very sick. I just wonder why we are divided at such a time when we need to heal our party,” said Ngwira.

Meanwhile there are reports that the party’s president will not come to Malawi anytime soon. According to a source close to the former president, her fear has always been that the current regime wants to take her life.

“She has advised her aides not to reveal the day when she will come. From what I have gathered, it seems she is still afraid of being killed as she has always been claiming that the current government wants to take away her life” said a source close to the former president.



  1. Koma ngakhale amaba mkutero amathandiza anthu anasisa misonkho kwa anthu pitani pano mkawone nokha mtengo yazinthu zotse

  2. malinga ndiutumiki wanga amai sadzaonansa ku dziko lamalonjezano mcp ndi deal alomwe ndi midyomba zaononga dziko.

  3. #Malawi25 dzana munaika nkhani yomweyi, leronso? Ifetu tinachangamuka mmaso…asakumudziwa Ngwira ndani? Alibe kolowera nchifukwa chake akungovwebwetuka… Musova muona

  4. Who doesnt know that Ngwira is a confusionist? Akudzipusitsa yekha, ma followers ali chete kudikira JB adzawatsogolere pa zisankho za 2019. Musaone ngati chipani chimenechi chinatha, ino si nthawi ya campaign mwina simukudziwa.

  5. If your friends were afraid to be killed by you, then they would not be presdent now. Foolish woman, come back home and let people know that u can die for them & your country.

  6. Jb can manage to look after the Land.I mean being aLearder,,,,,,Not this Madala,bomb,mbutuma,expire date(unbrain user)Peter,,professor wakutoilent hahahahahahahaaa

  7. The so called Political Scientist are failing to understand that the future of PP is in the hands of Joyce Banda. The painful truth is that Kachale and Ngwira cannot sustain the Party. Tell me which party lead by northeners is strong?

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