Cameroon ‘Satanists’ trying to date Malawians


Some Malawians in Mzuzu claim that they have been receiving flirtatious text messages from people using a Cameroon country code.

Malawi24 has received information from 42 people who have stressed the need to expose such people whose motives have been said to be to fall in love with ladies in Malawi.

Rose Mwalwanda who is a resident of Mzuzu told Malawi24 last Friday that she received a text which read “let’s love tonight” from a person using the mobile number +237222258507.

Suspicious messages on mobile phone. (Google images)

According to Mwalwanda, a day before receiving the text, she got another one which read; “hi darling I miss you a lot.”

She couldn’t hide her fear when telling our reporter that she is failing to delete or respond to the text as some people have warned her that it may be a trap for her to fall in love with the devil.

“I am single but these messages are really making me feel scared. I haven’t replied as advised by my pastor,” said Mwalwanda.

Some teenagers in Mchengautuba in Mzuzu also claimed to have received messages from different numbers but with the same Cameroon code. In the messages, the teenagers have been promised true love they never had.

One of the teenagers, John Jere showed our reporter a text that read; “you are so sweet honey, I miss your love.” Despite being a 17 year old single boy, he maintained that he cannot respond to the text because the number is very strange to him.

“Can you love someone through text message? In fact it’s a foreign number, I am afraid I cannot manage even to respond. I don’t know the motive of the writer,” said Jere.

When our reporter mustered enough courage and called two of the numbers, all calls were answered but the person on the other end of the first call did not utter a word while on the second call he was greeted by vulgar music.

Meanwhile, Bible believers have suggested they may be satanic agents aimed at buying Malawian souls on devils behalf.



  1. This is foolishness what’s ther aim for doing this mwina a tnm/airtel mwagawa ma nambala athu…nanga wher did they got our mobile numbers dispite pa fb palibenso??

  2. kkkkkkkkk look ine ndimadabwatu. wina kugundika Sunday yathayi kumandikakamiza kuti ndamulembera SMS yachikondi iye’ sadatcheke code number amangoti bola yakunja ndiemweyo basi kaumbuli kapadera, kusadziwa ndikufa komwe mwatimasula apa kkkkkkkk

  3. This is true irecieved amassage last week which was saying (today just for you am at , then thi +237. Devil is aliar becareful ladies and girls amene muli pa facebook kupanga zibwenzi

  4. Ndimakhulupilila kuti ndi Mulungu zonse ndizotheka, ngati inu ndíine titaika chikhulu pililo chathu pa Mulungu wamoyo ndukuuzani satanayo palibe chomwe angapange nafe, ineyo ndimboni ndakhala ndikulandila matext ma co osowa cholankhula, komabe sindimatekeseka nazo coz Mulungu amene ndimamupembedza ine ndioposa angonjetsi, ndikupempheni kuti tisaike maso athu pamunthu ayi tiike maso athu pa Mulungu. Ndinthawi yodzuka kutulo tathu tikhale maso pakuti nthawi yomwe tikuendamo silinso kumbali yathu. Ambuye akuang’anile ni osachita mantha satana akuchepela.

  5. I don’t see anything frightening here. Anyone can send any text to anyone using a seem card from anywhere in the world. Umakhala muvi wachiponyeponye ndipo munthu wamwai amatha kupeza banja thru muvu ngati imeneyi. A Malawi mantha bwanji? Wake up, we are in the digital age!


  7. When you want to talk to Emmanuel Kumpalume you can call him through this number 0888517391, He will tell you all the story but don’t testfy him coz now is true man of God. And he is saving God with all his heart and soul.

  8. You know what guys you should call on that number tell them that all of us we are God’s creation we have been sinned according the time of Adam and Eve but since three trinity of God be with us no more sin through the blood of Jesus christ satan you are alier computer indeed. God Father, God Son and God Holy Spirit always be with us. And you know what is happening now secrets of satanic have being reviel any where enen if you can ask Emmanuel Kumpalume is saying all this at Miji Radio Station interviews what satanic is planning for those who save God with their heartand soul so that he must have many people in hell but is a lie through Jesus christ.


  10. they are hackers..the thing you should be worried about is if you have mobile banking..they can steal money from your account using your phone number. just make sure you change your pin code for mobile banking constantly and don’t respond to the messages coz if you do, you’ll unlock some of the information that they don’t have.

  11. me2 ireceivd that 2mesgs sayng”to day its ur funny’kmanso ina yot “how is ur day”from dis# +23722258571,kma zisatipangtse kukhumudwa kumbukirani Yesu Khristu kuluka anat”mukayaona izi zkucitka tkulan mi2 yanu pakt comboledwe chanu chayandkira,tisadele nkhawa.

  12. I also recieved a text written ” How are you my love ” ine kudabwa love wakenso uti? But i just checked on google the country code +237 thats when i realised that it belongs to cameroon, Then i jst discarded it coz i do not hav any sibling or frend in Cameroon. But i dont know the aim behind this.

  13. I like the fact that we are not carried away with these, I also got 1 and several other friends got theirs but we dint reply as we suspected foul play. Dark powers won’t be succesful in any way- nothing is good outside God and not even one

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  15. You r saying they are “satanists” trying 2 “date” Malawians then again u saying “their motive z unknown ” Hw hav u come 2 this conclusion. .what if t ws just a network error coz t hs happened b4 in the past & even tnm acknowledged t!..

  16. Thula Chisamba, I could have loved before you write your article u could have consulted TNM and AIRTEL since these scam message passes through their system then to its subscribers,, in a simple analysis its the weakness of Malawians network operator systems… ndi ma hackers awa nde poti zili ku mpoto enya pera mbwenu satanic yanisonga pa foni……….

  17. Those are just scam texts it’s not even from the drivel worshiper but those are some of the games people do on line. We receive lots of these by email.

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