Third Eye to sponsor Gwamba diss video: Major 1 artist says Mandela is a stupid man

3rd Eye Malawi

Mandela `Third Eye` Mwanza whose career needs resuscitation after bagging an L in his rap battle against King Kananji says he will sponsor Waxy Kay to shoot his send for Gwamba video.

The rap legend who fell to King Kananji was described by Gwamba as a stupid man after the Dzuka Lazaro artist cussed fellow artists` mothers.


Third Eye opted to cussing parents after realising his shortfall on the mic. He embarrassingly reported his nemesis King Kananji to his father, politician Bright Msaka.

Malawi Twitter described Third Eye as a sore loser.

But with Gwamba rating Kananji disses as fire, It was only a matter of time for Third Eye to give a seal of approval to Waxy Kay who sends for Gwamba in Bola Suffix.

In a Tweet, Mandela has expressed his willingness to bankroll a video for Waxy`s song which is aimed at Gwamba.

“By the way someone tell Waxy Kay to text me I`m trying to see if he needs sponsorship for that Bola Suffix song,” reads his Tweet in partial.

According to Mwanza he feels it’s high time he sponsored another artist’s video after helping Gwamba financially towards production of his Munthu video in 2015.

“Last video I sponsored was Munthu in 2015 and I think it’s time I boosted a career or two again.”

In Bola Suffix, Waxy claims Gwamba`s counterpart, Gospel hip-hop artist Suffix is way better than the Major 1 artist.