Mkaka says people collecting money from businesspersons using his name


Minister of Foreign Affairs Eisenhower Mkaka has admitted that there are people who are using his name to collect money from Malawians of Indian origin.

In a Facebook on Saturday, Mkaka confirmed that his name is being used for corrupt activities but did not elaborate on why the businesspersons dish out money upon the mention of his name.

“I gather that some people are on the loose again collecting money from Malawians of Indian origin in my name! Fortunately, before joining politics I worked with most of these Malawians of Indian origin when I was in the banking industry. They know my character and I still command respect among them,” he said.

He then warned all those involved in the malpractice and illegality that the long arm of the law will catch up with them.

“The police will deal with you according to the law,” the minister said.


Commenters on the Facebook post wondered why the businesspersons have been giving money to the unscrupulous individuals.

“So it is possible to collect money from Asians in your name?” asked Henry Kachaje.

Some social media users have since called on President Lazarus Chakwera to fire Mkaka because the minister’s name is being used in corruption schemes.

One Facebook user said: “Isn’t this enough to relive him of his duties so that investigations are carried out impartially and independently?  Whether he is not actually involved in the corruption scandals is another issue but per his own admission he is creating a conducive environment for corruption knowingly/unknowingly. Perception matters.”