‘I will be a truck driver in the US, thank you Major 1’

Major 1 Bushiri ECG

…from ‘Bushiri is a witch’ to spiritual son

Even President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric can not touch Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s anointing which is driving more Enlighten Christian Gathering  (ECG) church members to the United States of America in search of greener pastures.

Chriswell Maziwa, a Zimbabwean national plying his driving skills in the US, is among several other ECG congregants whose American dream are coming true, thanks to Major 1 Bushiri.

ECG church testimonies Shepherd Bushiri Prophet
Maziwa: I am going to America because of Major 1

Mr Maziwa joins Lesego Beauty Zitha who revealed early this month that Papa, as Prophet Biushiri is fondly called, helped her secure a 10-year miracle US visa despite not having proper paperwork.

Maziwa, who has been Major 1’s spiritual son since 2015,  says Bushiri has changed his financial status tremendously.

He told the church that after attending an Open Doors session with Bushiri he successfully applied for a job in the US where he will be working as a truck-driver with a monthly salary boost of $4,400 (K3.2 million) from $900 (K650,000).

Maziwa, who has been a truck-driver for twenty years, encouraged his fellow congregants, saying the God of Major 1 qualifies the unqualified.

Several others offered their testimonies on how Prophet Bushiri has been making a stride of transformation in their live.

Letlhogonolo Alfred Swafu narrated how he was transformed from being Bushiri’s ‘biggest hater’ to a ‘spiritual son’.

Swafu used to believe that Bushiri was a fake prophet who manifested his powers through witchcraft.  But now, a bonafide member of ECG, says he was able to buy a  multi-million kwacha company from a mysterious seller at less than a dollar. 

The company, a Sausage Saloon franchise, was initially billed at US$45,700 (K33.3 million) but he bought it at K47 (R1).

Swafu says this was possible because of Prophet Bushiri and that he is now a stout spiritual son of the controversial prophet.



  1. Thanks be to the God of major l.more Grace my PROPHET. I love you Hoping to see you soon in South Africa.

  2. All glory and honour belongs to God. We should not praise a man in the place of God. You should thank God intead.

  3. I think it’s important to Glorify God through JESUS the Messiah rather than prophet Bushiri.
    GOD THROUGH JESUS is the. One doing it…
    Bushiri is a vessel that’s it.
    Praise God alleluia amen

  4. Conman Bushiri qualifies the unqualified ! What kind of corruption is this ? How did Conman Bushiri manage to get two doctorates ? How did Bushiri the unqualified get his qualifications. Can Bushiri make an untrianed person into a qualified doctor of medicine as well, or a dentist or a top lawyer ? How did Bushiri unqulaified in Finance get to become the President of a $100 Billion AFRICCI fund scam as he claims he is ! Bushiri the Papa of Lies !

  5. Allelujah something’s u can not compete with it’s spiritual u have to be on da same level even to compete or talk about otherwise perfom ur own miracles or begin ur own saga Amenl

  6. Conman Bushiri is Africa’s worst fraudster and liar ? What happened to Bushiri’s $100 Billion AFRICCI fund scam ? Pray that the Bushiris get a very long prison sentence after their court case for fraud in S Africa on August 28th. Conman Bushiri is scamming too many of his gullible idolisers and getting their money out of their pockets. Bushiri , like Lukau and TB Joshua are the fakest of the fake prophets. Lets hope a long prison sentence will free the minds of his brainwashed ECG cultists.

  7. Osathamangira kuweruza chifukwa chiweruzo chili kwa mulungu mwini.Nkulakwa kunena kuti Bushiri ndi wa satanic pamene ulibe umboni,umboni uli ndi mwini Yehova

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