Francis Bogatsu on a gospel mission

Fraxy Bee

Ireland based Malawian musician Francis Bogatsu continues with the music ministry in the service of God, ignoring the long distance from home.

The Dublin city resident is recording song after song in the foreign land, picking up from where he left his mission before leaving Malawi in 2013. This has earned him recognition among gospel loving people in the European nation.

Fraxy Bee
Francis Bogatsu spreading the Gospel through music.

Bogatsu told Malawi24 on Wednesday that his passion for gospel music grew when he was in Malawi. He said he was inspired by veteran gospel musician, Allan Ngumuya, to walk an extra mile in the industry.

Also known as Fraxxy Bee, he admits to have faced challenges in his early years of music. According to the singer, some people discouraged him in his mission.

The Malawian has so far produced 10 songs and they were all recorded and mastered in Ireland. With the available products he looks forward to releasing an album anytime from now.

“With the 10 songs am planning to release an album whenever am ready, but I need to record two more to make it 12.”

Some of the songs recorded are; Jesus is Coming Again, Ambuye ndi Wabwino, Ndidzanyada, and Mudalitse Ineso. He plans to embark in a video project for one of the recorded songs, next month.

Bugatsu revealed the title of album in the baking process to be “Yesu Aitana”. The title track can be accessed on YouTube in audio form.

Considering the level of advancement in machinery used in Ireland, quality is a guarantee. In this light, Francis vows to deliver the very best until the end.

“My wish is to go far with my music and spread the good news everywhere although sometimes I get discouraged but I will hold on till the coming of Jesus Christ.”