National Flag not flying at M’mbelwa District Council offices

Standoff at Mzimba: Transferred district council officers defy order to relocate

Government offices in Malawi are commonly recognized by a National flag flying around the premises but that’s not the case with M’mbelwa District Council in Mzimba district. The Council is the only one in the region that has not flown the national flag at its offices in the district.

Good governance expert, Francis Liyati, says it is always a must that the national flag should be flying around all government offices.

“Malawi National Flag was adopted on 6, July 1964 as a sign of gaining independence from our colonial masters. Unfortunately, the whole M’mbelwa District Council office does not have a national flag, how much does it cost? This is a sign that someone is sleeping on his/her duty. It is my singular honor that the council officials will do the needful to have a flag flying,”  Liyati said.

The Council’s Spokesperson, Joel Phiri,  says the council is already in the process of erecting a national flag on the premises.

“Plans are already in place of having a flag that will be flying around,” he said.

The Malawi flag features a black stripe that represents the people of Africa.

The color red stands for the blood spilled in Malawi’s struggle for independence while the green color represents the country’s vegetation.

The rising sun represents the dawn of freedom and hope on the African continent.


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