Two International Organizations Back Health Workers’ Strike in Malawi

Nurses-doctors Malawi

The Norwegian Nurses Organization (NNO) and the Global Association of Clinical Officers and Physician Associates (GACOPA) have thrown their support behind Malawian healthcare workers as they prepare to strike for better salaries and benefits. 

In a letter penned by its president, Lill Sverresdatter Larsen, NNO expressed dismay at the Malawi Government’s failure to honor the terms of a potential salary increase agreement. 

The organization questioned why nurses and midwives, deemed the backbone of any health system, should continue to toil and be undervalued nationwide.

Emphasizing the importance of fair compensation in light of the country’s economic challenges and rising living expenses, NNO urged the government to take immediate action to address the grievances. 

Simultaneously, GACOPA voiced astonishment at Malawian healthcare workers receiving the lowest salaries in the SADC region despite their pivotal role and exemplary surgical skills that have garnered international admiration.

Based in Ghana, GACOPA warned that neglecting these concerns could lead to a decline in healthcare services, significantly impacting the well-being of Malawians.

The organization urged the Malawi Government to honor the conciliation agreement, ensuring equitable compensation and working conditions for all healthcare professionals, underscoring the importance of a sustainable healthcare system for the nation’s health. 

 In response to the government’s failure to implement sector-specific allowances agreed upon last year, the Physician Assistants Union of Malawi (PAUM) and the National Organization of Nurses and Midwives of Malawi (NONM) have announced plans to commence industrial action on Monday, June 10, 2024.


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