Mzimba Heritage Association Secures Funding for Ngoni Cultural Project

Ngoni Malawi

The Mzimba Heritage Association (MZIHA), a cultural group representing the Ngoni community, announces the acquisition of funding totaling 5,000,000.00 Kwacha from COSOMA for a two-year project to be implemented across three Traditional Authorities (TA’s) in Mzimba district.

According to a press statement signed by Kingsley Jere, the Secretary General of MZIHA, the project, titled “My Ngoni Language, My Identity,” aims to strengthen cultural preservation efforts and reduce the influence of foreign cultures in th region.

The project will focus on restoring and promoting the Ngoni cultural language, actively involving communities in preserving their cultural identity. Specifically, the project targets the areas of Inkosi ya Makhosi M’mbelwa, Inkosi Mabilabo, and Inkosi Mzukuzuku in Mzimba district.

While appreciating the support from COSOMA, MZIHA acknowledges that the funding may not be sufficient to fully realize the project’s goals. 

Therefore, they invite individuals and organizations to contribute additional resources to support the initiative, urging interested parties to contact the MZIHA Secretariat for further details.

MZIHA, established to promote Ngoni culture and values, has Inkosi Yamakhosi M’mbelwa V as its patron, with the Ngoni language deeply ingrained in the area of Inkosi Mpherembe in the district.

Rampant Deforestation Threatens Perekezi Forest Reserve in Mzimba

Despite ongoing efforts to protect forest reserves in Malawi, Perekezi Forest Reserve in Mzimba District faces relentless deforestation due to charcoal burning and illegal wood harvesting activities.

A recent tour conducted by members of Hora Press Club, supported by Governance For Solutions, revealed the extensive damage inflicted upon the protected forest reserve by encroachers.

Isaac Baloyi, Assistant District Forestry Officer at M’mbelwa District Council, emphasized the urgent need for enhanced protection measures, citing a shortage of forest guards and inadequate resources for effective patrols.

Blessing Gondwe, General Secretary for Hora Press Club, called for collaborative efforts among stakeholders to raise awareness and change local attitudes toward environmental conservation.

Covering an area of 46.73 kilometers, Perekezi Forest Reserve represents approximately 29.7% of Mzimba’s total land area. However, alarming statistics indicate a rapid decline in forest cover, with Malawi losing approximately 300,000 hectares of forest annually.

Suggestions for enhancing protection measures range from involving the Malawi Defence Force or African Parks to addressing underlying political will issues.


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