Lwala reminds MCP that UTM is its Alliance partner

Saulos Chilima - Lazarus chakwera

A member of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) campaigning for Vice President Dr. Saulosi Chilima Samuel Lwala, has reminded the MCP that Malawians in June 2020 voted for Tonse Alliance into government, not MCP into government.

Lwala said the MCP-UTM Alliance was formed to unseat the DPP-led government assuring MCP that without this Alliance, they couldn’t have defeated the DPP advising MCP to treat UTM and its leader Dr. Chilima with the dignity he deserves.

He said Chilima is respecting the Alliance agreement signed claiming that his sitting quiet is not a sign that he is happy with the way the MCP is treating him asking the MCP to be always thankful that without UTM and Chilima, they would not have been in government today.

Samuel Lwala
Without the Alliance, MCP couldn’t have defeated the DPP – Lwala.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating on various social media platforms, Lwala said it is very shocking to see that the likes of Richard Chimwendo Banda are telling people that MCP will ally with other parties as if UTM is not a partner to it in government.

Lwala said MCP and UTM are already in Alliance to 2030 following the electoral agreement signed at the Kamuzu Institute of Sports in Lilongwe that today President Chakwera of the MCP is leading the Alliance and in 2025 Dr Chilima (UTM) to lead the Alliance to 2030.

He said it is very strange to note that the MCP is busy selling Chakwera’s candidature for the 2025 elections accusing Chimwendo Banda and his team of bringing confusion in the Alliance claiming that the MCP has learnt nothing in its 25 year-stay in the opposition benches in Parliament.

The MCP member has asked the MCP that if the party wants to be alone, it should leave the Alliance so that the Alliance partners can go ahead with their Alliance other than the MCP frustrating its partners by taking on board new members who are joining the party into Tonse Alliance.

He said UTM President Dr Chilima will continue to be quiet respecting the signed Tonse Alliance agreement until such a time that the MCP hold its elective Convention in August 2024 to fill in vacant positions because as per the agreement, Chilima is already the Alliance’s torchbearer for 2025 elections.

Meanwhile, Lwala has expressed his concern over MCP Director of Youth Richard Chimwendo Banda for failing to respond after he gave him names of the thugs that unleashed terror on AFORD members in Mponela.


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