GOVT in collaborated effort to boost Lilongwe’s agricultural yield 

Emmanuel University - Informative session Kamphata

In a recent endeavor to promote sustainable farming practices, the Malawi government, in partnership with Emmanuel University, has advocated for the widespread adoption of organic fertilizers among communities in Lilongwe district. 

The initiative, presented during an informative session held on May 18, 2024, at Khamphata, aims to underscore the manifold benefits of organic fertilizers, not only in bolstering productivity but also in safeguarding the environment. 

Led by Ciara Mkandawire, representing Emmanuel University, the session elucidated on the simplicity of crafting organic fertilizers using readily available local resources like charcoal, eggshell powder, molasses, and banana residues. 

Emmanuel University - Informative session
Emmanuel University – Informative session

Mkandawire accentuated the cost-effectiveness of this approach, particularly pertinent as conventional fertilizers have become financially burdensome for many farmers in the region. 

“These resources are easily accessible and can help reduce costs, as inorganic fertilizers have become unaffordable for many farmers in our communities,” Mkandawire emphasized 

Limbikani Banda, the Primary Education Advisor (PEA) for Mtenthera zone, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the pivotal role of organic fertilizers in curbing soil degradation while alleviating financial strain on farmers. 

This sentiment was reiterated by Elizabeth Maoni, a community member, who lauded the initiative for equipping her with valuable skills to augment her farming endeavors. 

“As a farmer, I often struggle to cultivate more land due to financial constraints in accessing fertilizer. However, with this project, I will utilize the skills I have learned to cultivate more land and increase my produce,” she said.

Maoni’s sentiment reflects a broader shift towards sustainable agricultural practices, underlining the transformative potential of organic fertilizers in fostering resilience and productivity within farming communities.

By Pauline Theu