CSO’S Faults Education Office


Civil Society Organizations in Mzimba South have faulted the Mzimba District Education Office for the unfair handling of sexual harassment complaints from Beatrice Longwe, a teacher at Mzimba LEA Primary School in the district, who alleged that the school’s Head Teacher, Joseph Chirwa, started mistreating her after she turned down her sexual advances.

After the issue was reported by the media, the education office in Mzimba South threatened to transfer the teacher to another school to expose Chirwa.

The development prompted the CSOs to intervene with the Chairperson for  Mzimba South Civil Society Organization, Christopher Melele, disclosing that they have instituted investigations into the matter.

And now, the CSOs have released the findings of their investigations in which they have faulted the education office for what they described as unfair handling of the matter.

Reads part of the findings: “Our findings after meeting all parties convinced us that indeed the teacher was harassed and that the office of DEYS in  Mzimba South failed to handle the issue professionally and fairly. We also noted that the teacher was being forced to write an apology letter to the Head Teacher by the senior officers from the education office. 

“We have also observed that Beatrice Longwe was given a transfer notice because she did not accept writing an apology letter. With these facts, we have met the Director of Education Youth and Sports with her team, and they have agreed that they will retake the issue,”.

Melele also added that they are still monitoring the issue until it comes to an end.

Meanwhile, the Mzimba South Education Office has appreciated the CSO’s report and promised action to be taken.

“We have to appreciate the role that civil society organizations play, and as an office, we are going to continue engaging the CSOs.” Said Mavuto Kawonga, a Human resource officer at the education office.


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