US Blames Iran for Unprecedented Attacks Against Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

The United States has blamed Iran for “its destabilizing capabilities,” executing unprecedented attacks against Israel in both scope and scale. The US described the attacks as unprecedented due to their direct nature and in scale because they involved more than 300 drone and missile strikes on Israel. The US affirms its commitment to Israel’s security and military defence capabilities.

During his G7 press briefing in Italy today, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken appeared to justify the Israeli last night strikes by accusing Iran of carrying out unprecedented drone and missile strikes against Israel.

Blinken said that Iran must be held accountable for “its destabilizing activities by degrading its missile and drone capabilities.”

The Israeli strikes last night were carried out near nuclear sites in Iran. However, Blinken stated that the US was not involved in the attack.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has confirmed that Iran’s nuclear facilities sustained no damage following the attack. IAEA Chief Rafael Grossi has called for “extreme restraint” and reiterated that “nuclear facilities should never be a target in military conflicts.”

Meanwhile, according to the Jerusalem Post, which cites government sources, Israel warned Iran, saying, “We chose not to hit your nuclear sites this time, but we could have done worse right here.”

While playing down the attacks as minor, Iran claims it shot down all Israeli drones and has vowed to retaliate against any Israeli attack, regardless of size.

The situation remains volatile. Meanwhile, the Malawi government has yet to comment on the safety of its citizens working as ‘tenants’ on Israeli farms.

Israel has yet to issue an official comment on its apparent strikes on Iran.