Sex Scandal Rocks Shayona Cement: Alleged Victim Denies Settlement Claims


Recent allegations brought forward by the Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) have shed light on serious misconduct within Shayona Cement Corporation in Kanengo. These allegations include claims that male supervisors forced junior employees, both male and female, into performing oral sex sexual acts sucking of the manhood of their male bosses and a demand to swallow their semens.

During a press briefing on Wednesday, CDEDI detailed how Jayesh Kumar Dalwad, an assistant manager at Shayona, allegedly exploited his position by sexually abusing a junior staff member.

A video shared by CDEDI reportedly shows Jayesh Kumar Dalwad coercing an individual, Chisoni Jere (a pseudonym), to engage in sexual acts, including oral sex, under duress.

In a conflicting report, lawyer Innocent Topeka stormed a private radio station claiming that the issue involving Jere and Dalwad had been resolved outside of court. Topeka stated that he represented one of the victims, Jere, who had purportedly received compensation.

However, Jere disputes these claims, stating to this publication that he met his lawyer only once, at night, in the presence of a lady and another man. He alleges he was coerced into signing a document without explanation and has not seen his lawyer since that night—until recent claims surfaced that the matter had been settled.

Jere expressed distrust, recounting how after signing the initial document, he was instructed to visit the office the following day to sign an agreement. The suspicious behavior of the accompanying individuals led him to believe he was being deceived, prompting him not to follow through with the visit.

“He kept calling me, but I lost interest in communicating further. At one point, he texted, inquiring if I had found another lawyer. Since then, I hadn’t heard from him until now, with CDEDI taking up the case,” said Jere.

When contacted, Topeka confirmed that he had discussed the matter with Jere for over an hour, but subsequent calls to Jere went unanswered.

Shayona suspended Jayesh Kumar Dalwad following the revelation of the scandal.

CDEDI told reporters that it presented its evidence to the Malawi Police Inspector General, Merlyn Yolamu who pledged to follow up the matter. However, no arrest has been executed yet. The Malawi Police has yet to comment on the situation.