CDEDI to hold demonstrations over sexual abuse of workers at Shayona Cement company


Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) says they will hold  demonstrations if authorities at Shayona Cement Corporation fail to comply to their demands regarding allegations that notable senior manager at the company was taking advantage of  young people both men and women by sexually abusing them.

Executive Director for Cdedi, Sylvester Namiwa, told journalists on Tuesday during a press briefing that they have received a proof of a video clip of the former Senior Manager at the company Jayesh Kumar Dalwad , an Indian national, who was working as an assistant manager, taking advantage of a male house -keeper.

Namiwa said that the video shows a male house -keeper (name withheld) being forced to careless Dalwad ‘s private parts which he said he was doing that every morning, Monday through Saturday , as a condition to keep his job.

“The worker reported the matter to his superior who, on several occasions, dismissed him purportedly due to lack of evidence. From what  we have gathered, the video was presented to the company’s Operations Manager (OPM) through flash disk .

CDEDI has also received another proof from a female employee who was raped by the same manager. In a bid to hear Management’s side of the story on the sickening video, it was learnt that Jayesh was suspended while the male worker resigned for unknown reasons and he was paid his dues. 

The group engaged Patel, the company’s Managing Director, who said that the company only suspended Dalwad after learning about the issue, but, he was not reported to police,” he said.

According to Namiwa ,their investigations show that Dalwad left Malawi for India through Kamuzu International Airport on Tuesday March 21, 2024 and thereafter, CDEDI wrote a letter to Inspector General (IG) of Malawi Police Service (MPs), Merlyn Yolamu to engage Patel for the required information on the case that could lead to Dawald’s arrest.

Namiwa however said that Dalwad should apologize to the affected individuals and their families and liaise with relevant line ministries, more especially Ministry of Gender and Labour, to device a mechanism to ensure that the victims are assisted to fully recover from the trauma inflicted on them.

He went on to say that they are demanding that the employees should be compensated, and failure to do so, as demanded within the next seven days, demonstrations will follow against Patel and his management.

Meanwhile, CDEDI is  appealing to Malawians who are forced to work in derogatory environment or are abused in any way by their foreign masters to report the same to relevant authorities.