Illovo Sugar donates Network Video Decoder to Limbe police station


In an effort to make the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) installed in Limbe township more efficient, Illovo Sugar Malawi plc has donated a Network Video Decoder (NVD) valued at 7.1 million Kwacha to Limbe Police Station in Blantyre.

Illovo Sugar Malawi plc made the donation on Tuesday at Limbe police station in Blantyre where the company’s Industrial Relations Manager, Taonga Munthali said the gesture is an expression of the company’s commitment to building better communities.

He said the idea behind this donation is to complement efforts of making Limbe which is a reliable business hub, a more conducive township to everyone and a crime-free zone.

“At Illovo, we have core values that we follow, among them is commitment and empowerment and one of our other pillars that we have is providing a thriving community. So as part of corporate social responsibility, we felt it wise to donate the decoder to Limbe Police Station, to assist them in security and coping crime in Limbe, thereby safeguarding our business here, the communities around and providing general safety.

“The decoder that we have donated is worth 7.1 million Kwacha and we hope it will assist Limbe police station in surveillance. It provides surveillance footage to specific areas. It will also assist in coping crime and ensuring that our streets in Limbe are safe,” said Munthali.

Reacting to the donation, Limbe Police Station Officer in Charge, Assistant Commissioner of Police Edwin Nkhambo while thanking Illovo for the gesture, said the donation marks a significant milestone in the station’s journey towards enhancing public safety and crime prevention.

Nkhambo said the NVD will play a crucial role in the operations of their Joint Operations Centre, where all CCTV cameras installed in Limbe Town are monitored.

He then pointed out that since the inception of the CCTV project in Limbe town in 2022, they have witnessed a remarkable reduction in crime rates by 17% and road traffic accidents by 26% and he attributed the reductions to the presence of CCTV cameras which serves as a deterrent to potential criminals.

“The importance of such technology in modern-day policing cannot be overstated. This type of technology not only enhances our ability to prevent and solve crimes but also improves the overall safety and security of our town and surrounding communities.

“The donation of the NVD by Illovo Sugar Malawi is a testament to their commitment to supporting law enforcement and ensuring the well-being of the residents of Limbe Town,” reacted Nkhambo.

He then expressed sincere gratitude to all stakeholders who have contributed to the successful implementation of this project claiming their support and cooperation have been instrumental in achieving their shared goal of creating a safer environment for all.


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