Like Makhadzi: Akometsi takes down Pop Young’s music videos on YouTube

Pop Young is a Malawian musician with thousands of views on YouTube

After termination of contract between Malawi’s fast-rising, Afro-Pop star Pop Young and Akometsi, the talent management and music distribution company has deleted all music videos of the artist on YouTube.

On 2nd March this year, Akometsi who have been managing Pop Young, real name Vitumbiko Chisoni, through a facebook post announced termination of contract with the star on mutual agreement.

“Minor Announcement: All good things must come to an end. Pop Young’s contract with Akometsi has ended. We are now working on renewing the contract as soon as possible and if we agree to the new terms, we will have him soon.

“As of now, lets support him as an independent artist. Wakulatu Popizo. Ndipo timukhaulitsa nayo support ya nyooo. Ndi mwana wathu uyu and we are proud of him,” reads Akometsi’s Facebook post.

Following the development, Akometsi have taken down all Pop Young’s music videos which were uploaded on their YouTube channel, and announcing the development though a Facebook post, the company says this has happened on a mutual agreement with the ‘Mesa’ hit maker.

The talent management and music distribution company said the first option was to just transfer the videos to Pop Young’s newly created YouTube channel, but said the idea has failed to materialize, hence the second option to delete them on their channel.

“Pa nkhani ya Pop Young, nyimbo zachotsedwa pa Akometsi potsatira pempho lochoka kwa mwini wake Pop Young. Anapempha kuti timuthandize kupanga create distribution account (DistroKid) komanso tichotse nyimbo pama platform athu kuti ayike pama account ake wapanga create wo. First option inali yopanga transfer, koma izi zakanika (Pop Young asked us to create a DistroKid account for him and transfer his songs from our YouTube channel to his channel but this has failed so the songs have been removed from our YouTube channel).

“Si mkwiyo, or mkangano, koma decision yomwe wapanga yekha mwini wake and we have respected him chifukwa zitha kuthandiza growth ya plaform yake akapanga upload kuma platform wo. Like we said, Pop Young ndi mwana wathu, and we will continue to support him in every capacity that we can. Tiyeni apa tikapange subscribe ku YouTube channel kwake (The songs have not been removed due to anger or disagreements but Pop Young has made a decision to have the songs on his own platform. He is our child and we will continue to support him. We urge you to subscribe to hi page,” wrote Akometsi on Facebook.

Commenting on the post, Pop Young never mince words by saying: “Starting from scratch it’s always hard but I will need your support fam, zapa Social Media zisamatipweteketse mutu. One love Akometsi.”

Upon being asked to confirm if this isn’t a result of internal battled between him and the talent management and music distribution company, ‘Popizo’ as fondly called by his fans, told Malawi24 that the taking down of his songs from YouTube is indeed due to a mutual agreement.

“We all agreed and that’s what has happened. The decision to part ways with Akometsi was not simple, but above all, I thank them for all the support they rendered to my music career and my personal life, I don’t take it for granted,” said Pop Young.

He then emphasized that he will need support from people as this means he is starting all over again, but he was, however, so quick to promise his fans nothing but more captivating music.

“There is more music coming from me, all I need is support from all of you and I have no doubt about that. Support me as you have been doing in the past as I continue entertaining you wholeheartedly,” he added.

Pop Young further revealed that as he starts the new music journey, a new gospel song which he has featured the famous Kambwiri Sisters, is in the offing and expected to be out very soon.


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