DPP complains about “selective justice”


The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says it is disappointed that police have rushed to arrest its Phalombe shadow MP Tiawone Hendry when they are yet to arrest “thugs” who attacked its members in Lilongwe last month.

This comes as on Monday, 11 March, 2024, police arrested Hendry, a shadow MP for the newly demarcated constituency of Phalombe South after she handed herself to Phalombe Police station over a video clip in which she was heard advising DPP followers never to allow Malawi Congress Party in the district.

It is reported that Hendry made the sentiments during a party meeting on 2nd March 2024 with area members in the district and she was held until 4pm when she was taken to court and granted bail around 6pm on the same day.

Reacting to the arrest through a press statement signed by the Presidential and Party Spokesperson Shadric Namalomba, the opposition party while labelling it as a sign of selective justice, condemned the arrest of Hendry.

The party wonders why police rushed to arrest the shadow MP when the country is eagerly waiting to see the arrest of people who smashed DPP vehicles and injured several of its members when they were about to hold a parade in Lilongwe last month.

“It is surprising that while the country still awaits the Malawi Police to act on the culprits who attacked, hacked and destroyed vehicles of DPP supporters who lawfully gathered at Mbowe in Lilongwe on 24th February 2024, the Malawi Police could only and swiftly act on a case of this nature, which is politically motivated.

“The party is saddened that until today, despite having video evidence, photographs of the perpetrators, details of the vehicle(s) that ferried the thugs, no single arrest has been made. The DPP bemoans this type of selective justice, and appeals to the Malawi Police to be independent, impartial and professional in the discharge of its duties. No one is above the law. Let the rule of law reign in all the valleys and mountains of Malawi regardless of one’s political alignment, beliefs and prowess,” reads part of the statement.

The party continued by saying it stands with Hendry and all its members who were attacked in Lilongwe but are yet to receive justice.