Viral Conjunctivitis cases increase in Mchinji


Health authorities in Mchinji district say there has been an increase in the cases of acute Viral Conjunctivitis also known as Pink Eye in the district.

According to a statement released by Mchinji District Council, Mchinji District Health office says it has so far registered 7 cases of the disease.

“The first 5 cases were registered at Mchinji Police Station on 7 March, 2024 involving mostly suspects and the other 2 cases were from Traditional Authority’s, Nyoka and Mduwa (1 each) ,” says part of the statement.

The statement adds that the disease easily spreads from one person to another through close contact with a person who has the condition.

“Patients with the Viral Conjunctivitis will complain of Painful red eyes, feeling of foreign body sensation, feeling uncomfortable in bright light (photophobia), swelling of the eyelids/conjunctiva, itching and discharge in the eyes.

“This is in the absence of history of trauma. It is usually mild and rarely sight threatening and only requiring supportive treatment,” added the statement.

The statement has also indicated that there have been cases of those who have had complicated issues like sight loss and it’s been disclosed that it is because those people tried to self-treat using traditional herbs.

Meanwhile, the DHO has since advised the general public to follow good hygiene, avoid close contact like hand shakes, sharing of handkerchiefs, towels, makeups and seek medical help promptly.