Mutharika says Malawi has a leadership crisis


Former President, Peter Mutharika, says the country is going through a leadership crisis as Malawians are struggling in every way under President Lazarus Chakwera’s administration.

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leader said this during a Nation Address that took place at the Page House in Mangochi district.

Mutharika said the country is currently being ruled by evil and Malawians have been held hostage.

“The country is in leadership crisis there is no leadership as people are struggling with hunger, the country cannot print its own passports and the country is doomed in every way,” said Mutharika.

He added that Chakwera has taken Malawi to Bagamoyo and not the Canaan he promised.

On acts of political violence in Lilongwe where DPP members were assaulted, Mutharika highlighted that the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) will never change as it has always been brutal and it has never known democracy.

“MCP has never known democracy, all they know is violence and destroying this country by using violence,” said Mutharika.

He also indicated that the current regime has been creating court cases and is also trying to pass the age bill in order to stop him from contesting as a presidential candidate in 2025 because it is afraid of losing the elections.

The DPP leader has since affirmed his candidature in the 2025 Tripartite Elections saying he is going to win the elections.

“DPP is ready to govern again and I Peter Mutharika, I am ready to lead the country again,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika also stated that the party is united as members who were distracting the party have been booted.