First lady urges women to advocate for love and peace


The First Lady Madame Monica Chakwera has encouraged women in the country to advocate for love and peace for the betterment of the nation.

Madame Chakwera made the remarks at Kamuzu Stadium during the World Women’s Day of Prayer celebrations.

She encouraged women in the country to bear with each other and help people in need.

Madame Chakwera says women are a beacon of hope.

“I urge women in the country to advocate for love and peace. The church must continue promoting love and justice,” said Madame Chakwera.

Madame Chakwera also indicated that Women’s World Day of Prayer is a special day for women to get together and encourage each other especially with the challenges facing the country and the world.

The first lady described women as beacons of hope and said they must actively take part in providing solutions to the challenges facing their communities and the country.

She also encouraged women to continue praying for each other, the country and the leaders.

In her remarks, National Chairperson of Women’s Day of Prayer, Esther Grant, asked women to continue promoting love and providing support in order to deal with different challenges.